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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016Extending health insurance in Ghana: Effects of the National Health Insurance Scheme on maternity careBrugiavini, Agar; Pace, Noemi
2016Does performance-based financing increase value for money in low- and middle- income countries? A systematic reviewTurcotte-Tremblay, Anne-Marie; Spagnolo, Jessica; De Allegri, Manuela; Ridde, Valéry
2016Quality of life and costs of spasticity treatment in German stroke patientsRychlik, Reinhard; Kreimendahl, Fabian; Schnur, Nicole; Lambert-Baumann, Judith; Dressler, Dirk
2016Revisiting the child health-wealth nexusFakir, Adnan M. S.
2016Design and implementation of community engagement interventions towards healthcare quality improvement in Ghana: A methodological approachAlhassan, Robert Kaba; Nketiah-Amponsah, Edward; Arhinful, Daniel Kojo
2016Comment on "Binge drinking and alcohol prices"Xuan, Ziming; Babor, Thomas F.; Naimi, Timothy S.; Blanchette, Jason G.; Chaloupka, Frank J.
2016The determinants of the propensity to receive publicly funded home care services for the elderly in Canada: A panel two-stage residual inclusion approachMery, Gustavo; Wodchis, Walter P.; Laporte, Audrey
2016Mixed method versus full top-down microcosting for organ recovery cost assessment in a French hospital groupHrifach, Abdelbaste; Brault, Coralie; Couray-Targe, Sandrine; Badet, Lionel; Guerre, Pascale; Ganne, Christell; Serrier, Hassan; Labeye, Vanessa; Farge, Pierre; Colin, Cyrille
2016Frontline staff motivation levels and health care quality in rural and urban primary health facilities: A baseline study in the Greater Accra and Western regions of GhanaAlhassan, Robert Kaba; Nketiah-Amponsah, Edward
2016Regional inequalities in child malnutrition in Egypt, Jordan, and Yemen: A Blinder-Oaxaca decomposition analysisSharaf, Mesbah Fathy; Rashad, Ahmed Shoukry