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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016Free health care for under-fives, expectant and recent mothers? Evaluating the impact of Sierra Leone's free health care initiativeEdoka, Ijeoma; Ensor, Tim; McPake, Barbara; Amara, Rogers; Tseng, Fu-Min; Edem-Hotah, Joseph
2016Heterogeneity in general practitioners' preferences for quality improvement programs: A choice experiment and policy simulation in FranceAmmi, Mehdi; Peyron, Christine
2016Utilization of healthcare services and renewal of health insurance membership: Evidence of adverse selection in GhanaDuku, Stephen Kwasi Opoku; Asenso-Boadi, Francis; Nketiah-Amponsah, Edward; Arhinful, Daniel Kojo
2016Frontline staff motivation levels and health care quality in rural and urban primary health facilities: A baseline study in the Greater Accra and Western regions of GhanaAlhassan, Robert Kaba; Nketiah-Amponsah, Edward
2016No theory: An explanation of the lack of consistency in cross-country health care comparisons using non-parametric estimatorsGearhart, Richard
2016Cost of a lymphedema treatment mandate: 10 years of experience in the Commonwealth of VirginiaWeiss, Robert
2016Structural equation modeling for decomposing rank-dependent indicators of socioeconomic inequality of health: An empirical studyKessels, Roselinde; Erreygers, Guido
2016Patient dumping, outlier payments, and optimal healthcare payment policy under asymmetric informationTakahara, Tsuyoshi
2016Regional differences of standardised mortality rates for ischemic heart diseases in the Slovak Republic for the period 1996-2013 in the context of income inequalityGavurová, Beáta; Vagašová, Tatiana
2016Patient- and person-reports on healthcare: Preferences, outcomes, experiences, and satisfaction - An essayKlose, Kristina; Kreimeier, Simone; Tangermann, U.; Aumann, I.; Damm, K.