SERIEs - Journal of the Spanish Economic Association

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013 A chronology of turning points in economic activity: Spain, 1850 - 2011Berge, Travis J.; Jordà, Òscar
2013 Capital structure of small companies in the Spanish footwear sector: Relevant factorsAcedo-Ramírez, Miguel A.; Ayala-Calvo, Juan C.; Rodíguez-Osés, José E.
2013 Advertising bansMotta, Massimo
2013 Information sharing and lending market competition under strong adverse selectionFernández-Ruiz, Jorge; García-Cestona, Miguel
2013 Endogenous governance transparency and product market competitionHidalgo-Cabrillana, Ana
2013 The effects of surprise political events on quoted firms: The March 2004 election in SpainCastells, Pau; Trillas, Francesc
2013 Understanding poverty persistence in SpainAylloón, Sara
2013 Happiness economicsFerrer-i-Carbonell, Ada
2013 Promoting permanent employment: Lessons from SpainMendez, Ildefonso
2013 Sharing a polluted river through environmental taxesGómez-Rúa, María
2012 Preferences, actions and voting rulesArtabe, Alaitz; Laruelle, Annick; Valenciano, Federico
2012 Equal opportunity equivalence in land divisionNicolò, Antonio; Perea y Monsuwe, Andrés; Roberti, Paolo
2012 The division problem with maximal capacity constraintsBergantiños, Gustavo; Massó, Jordi; Neme, Alejandro
2012 MICA-BBVA: A factor model of economic and financial indicators for short-term GDP forecastingCamacho, Máximo; Doménech, Rafael
2012 Stochastically stable implementationCabrales, Antonio; Serrano, Roberto
2012 Deciding whether a law is constitutional, interpretable, or unconstitutionalAmorós, Pablo; Martínez, Ricardo; Moreno, Bernardo; Puy, M. Socorro
2012 Motorways, tolls and road safety: Evidence from EuropeAlbalate, Daniel; Bel, Germà
2012 Revealed preference and choice under uncertaintyBossert, Walter; Suzumura, Kotaro
2012 The role of accounting accruals for the prediction of future cash flows: Evidence from SpainArnedo, Laura; Lizarraga, Fermín; Sánchez, Santiago
2012 The political economy of income taxation under asymmetric information: The two-type caseRoemer, John E.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 85