SERIEs - Journal of the Spanish Economic Association

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Illuminating ARIMA model-based seasonal adjustment with three fundamental seasonal modelsFindley, David F.; Lytras, Demetra P.; Maravall Herrero, Agustin
2016 Introduction to the special issue in honor of Agustín MaravallFiorentini, Gabriele; Perez-Quiros, Gabriel
2016 The effect of taxes on the debt policy of spanish listed companiesClemente-Almendros, José A.; Sogorb-Mira, Francisco
2016 An analysis of the cost of disability across Europe using the standard of living approachAntón, José-Ignacio; Braña, Francisco-Javier; Muñoz de Bustillo, Rafael
2016 From bilateral two-way to unilateral one-way flow link-formationOlaizola, Norma; Valenciano, Federico
2016 Neglected serial correlation tests in UCARIMA modelsFiorentini, Gabriele; Sentana, Enrique
2016 Understanding international migration: Evidence from a new dataset of bilateral stocks (1960-2000)Llull, Joan
2016 Gorman revisited: Nonparametric conditions for exact linear aggregationCherchye, Laurens; Crawford, Ian; De Rock, Bram; Vermeulen, Frederic
2016 On some remarks about SEATS signal extractionMélard, Guy
2016 Robust time series models with trend and seasonal componentsCaivano, Michele; Harvey, Andrew; Luati, Alessandra
2016 Identification of asymmetric conditional heteroscedasticity in the presence of outliersCarnero, M. Angeles; Pérez, Ana; Ruiz, Esther
2016 Modelling cross-dependencies between Spain's regional tourism markets with an extension of the Gaussian process regression modelClaveria, Oscar; Monte, Enric; Torra, Salvador
2016 Information in elections: Do third inflexible candidates always promote truthful behavior?Andina-Díaz, Ascensión
2015 Public goods and decay in networksFatas, Enrique; Meléndez-Jiménez, Miguel A.; Morales, Antonio J.; Solaz, Hector
2015 Appointing high-court judges by political partiesPorteiro, Nicolás; Villar, Antonio
2015 Split or straight? Evidence of the effects of work schedules on workers' well-being, time use, and productivityGonzález Chapela, Jorge
2015 Income tax progressivity, growth, income inequality and welfareEchevarría, Cruz A.
2015 Are unemployment benefits harmful to the stability of working careers? The case of SpainRebollo-Sanz, Yolanda F.; García-Pérez, J. Ignacio
2015 Equilibrium mergers in a composite good industry with efficienciesPardo-Garcia, Cristina; Sempere-Monerris, Jose J.
2015 Rental housing discrimination and the persistence of ethnic enclavesBosch, Mariano; Carnero, M. Angeles; Farré, Lídia
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 140