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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017The impact of the TPP on selected ASEAN economie
In: volume: 6, 2017, issue: 26, p. 1-34
Dasgupta, Paramita; Mukhopadhyay, Kakali
2017Positivistic models of long-run labor allocation dynamics
In: volume: 6, 2017, issue: 19, p. 1-30
Stijepic, Denis
2017Compilation of a regionally extended inter-country input-output table and its application to global value chain analyses
In: volume: 6, 2017, issue: 23, p. 1-38
Meng, Bo; Yamano, Norihoko
2017Cropping systems diversification, improved seed, manure and inorganic fertilizer adoption by maize producers of eastern Ethiopia
In: volume: 6, 2017, issue: 31, p. 1-30
Ahmed, Musa Hasen; Geleta, Kassahun Mamo; Tazeze, Aemro; Mesfin, Hiwot Mekonnen; Tilahun, Eden Andualem
2017Inter-industry analysis in the Korean flow-of-funds accounts
In: volume: 6, 2017, issue: 25, p. 1-27
Kim, Jiyoung
2017Repercussion effects of consumption by Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean tourists in Kyoto: Using a regional waste input-output approach
In: volume: 6, 2017, issue: 38, p. 1-18
Tsukui, Makiko; Kagatsume, Masaru
2017How to evaluate the reliability of regional input-output data? A case for China
In: volume: 6, 2017, issue: 35, p. 1-22
Zhao, Haoyang; Xu, Jian; Liu, Xinteng
2017Accounting for resource accumulation in Japanese prefectures: An environmental efficiency analysis
In: volume: 6, 2017, issue: 16, p. 1-22
Eguchi, Shogo
2017Mega-regional trade Agreements: Costly distractions for developing countries?
In: volume: 6, 2017, issue: 29, p. 1-33
Narayanan, Badri G.; Khorana, Sangeeta
2017Enhancing the distance minimization methods of matrix updating within a homothetic paradigm
In: volume: 6, 2017, issue: 36, p. 1-22
Motorin, Vladimir