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2017Economic structures, institutions and economic performance
In: Band: 6, 2017, Heft: 2, S. 1-18
Constantine, Collin
2017Repercussion effects of consumption by domestic tourists in Tokyo and Kyoto estimated using a regional waste input-output approach
In: Band: 6, 2017, Heft: 1, S. 1-17
Tsukui, Makiko; Ichikawa, Takumi; Kagatsume, Masaru
2017Value-added disaggregated social accounting matrix for the Indian economy of the year 2007-2008
In: Band: 6, 2017, Heft: 14, S. 1-20
Pal, Barun Deb; Bandarlage, Jayatilleke S.
2017Modelling the dynamics of economic development driven by agricultural growth in Patna Region, India
In: Band: 6, 2017, Heft: 15, S. 1-27
Kumari, Rashmi; Devadas, V.
2017Tracking the PM2.5 inventories embodied in the trade among China, Japan and Korea
In: Band: 6, 2017, Heft: 27, S. 1-16
Ju, Yiyi
2017Changes in domestic value added in China's exports: A structural decomposition analysis approach
In: Band: 6, 2017, Heft: 18, S. 1-12
Lianling, Yang; Cuihong, Yang
2017Effects of balance transfer offers on consumer short-term finance: Evidence from credit card data
In: Band: 6, 2017, Heft: 6, S. 1-11
Yuan, Yan; Sueyoshi, Toshiyuki
2017Effects of farmers' social networks on knowledge acquisition: Lessons from agricultural training in rural Indonesia
In: Band: 6, 2017, Heft: 8, S. 1-23
Pratiwi, Ayu; Suzuki, Aya
2017An input-output framework for analysing relationships between economic sectors and water use and intersectoral water relationships in Morocco
In: Band: 6, 2017, Heft: 9, S. 1-25
Boudhar, Abdeslam; Boudhar, Said; Ibourk, Aomar
2017The robustest clusters in the input-output networks: Global CO2 emission clusters
In: Band: 6, 2017, Heft: 3, S. 1-29
Rifki, Omar; Ono, Hirotaka; Kagawa, Shigemi