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2018A novel grey-fuzzy-Markov and pattern recognition model for industrial accident forecasting
In: Band: 14, 2018, Heft: 3, S. 455-489
Edem, Inyeneobong Ekoi; Oke, Sunday Ayoola; Adebiyi, Kazeem Adekunle
2018Analysis of interactions among barriers in project risk management
In: Band: 14, 2018, Heft: 1, S. 153-169
Dandage, Rahul V.; Mantha, Shankar S.; Rane, Santosh B.; Bhoola, Vanita
2018Acceptance sampling for attributes via hypothesis testing and the hypergeometric distribution
In: Band: 14, 2018, Heft: 2, S. 395-414
Samohyl, Robert Wayne
2018Optimizing a multi-product closed-loop supply chain using NSGA-II, MOSA, and MOPSO meta-heuristic algorithms
In: Band: 14, 2018, Heft: 2, S. 305-326
Babaveisi, Vahid; Paydar, Mohammad Mahdi; Safaei, Abdul Sattar
2018Optimizing decentralized production-distribution planning problem in a multi-period supply chain network under uncertainty
In: Band: 14, 2018, Heft: 2, S. 367-382
Nourifar, Raheleh; Mahdavi, Iraj; Mahdavi-Amiri, Nezam; Paydar, Mohammad Mahdi
2018A hybrid CS-SA intelligent approach to solve uncertain dynamic facility layout problems considering dependency of demands
In: Band: 14, 2018, Heft: 2, S. 429-442
Moslemipour, Ghorbanali
2018Improved teaching-learning-based and JAYA optimization algorithms for solving flexible flow shop scheduling problems
In: Band: 14, 2018, Heft: 3, S. 555-570
Buddala, Raviteja; Mahapatra, Siba Sankar
2018Cuckoo search via Lévy flights for the capacitated vehicle routing problem
In: Band: 14, 2018, Heft: 2, S. 293-304
Santillan, Jon Henly; Tapucar, Samantha; Manliguez, Cinmayii; Calag, Vicente
2018Incentive mechanism based on cooperative advertising for cost information sharing in a supply chain with competing retailers
In: Band: 14, 2018, Heft: 2, S. 265-280
Setak, Mostafa; Ahar, Hajar Kafshian; Alaei, Saeed
2018Modeling and forecasting US presidential election using learning algorithms
In: Band: 14, 2018, Heft: 3, S. 491-500
Zolghadr, Mohammad; Niaki, Seyed Armin Akhavan; Niaki, S. T. A.