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2013Developing and solving two-echelon inventory system for perishable items in a supply chain: Case study (Mashhad Behrouz Company)
In: Band: 9, 2013, S. 1-10
AriaNezhad, Mirbahador Gholi; Makuie, Ahmad; Khayatmoghadam, Saeed
2013Strategy-aligned fuzzy approach for market segment evaluation and selection: A modular decision support system by dynamic network process (DNP)
In: Band: 9, 2013, S. 1-17
Nasrabadi, Ali Mohammadi; Hosseinpour, Mohammad; Ebrahimnejad, Sadoullah
2013Type-2 fuzzy set extension of DEMATEL method combined with perceptual computing for decision making
In: Band: 9, 2013, S. 1-10
Hosseini, Mitra; Tarokh, Mohammad
2013A goal geometric programming problem (G 2 P 2) with logarithmic deviational variables and its applications on two industrial problems
In: Band: 9, 2013, S. 1-9
Ghosh, Payel; Roy, Tapan
2013An application of principal component analysis and logistic regression to facilitate production scheduling decision support system: An automotive industry case
In: Band: 9, 2013, S. 1-12
Mehrjoo, Saeed; Bashiri, Mahdi
2013A multi-period distribution network design model under demand uncertainty
In: Band: 9, 2013, S. 1-9
Tabrizi, Babak H.; Razmi, Jafar
2013A heuristic method for consumable resource allocation in multi-class dynamic PERT networks
In: Band: 9, 2013, S. 1-12
Yaghoubi, Saeed; Noori, Siamak; Mazdeh, Mohammad
2013Optimisation of shock absorber process parameters using failure mode and effect analysis and genetic algorithm
In: Band: 9, 2013, S. 1-10
Mariajayaprakash, Arokiasamy; Senthilvelan, Thiyagarajan; Vivekananthan, Krishnapillai
2013Incorporating location, routing, and inventory decisions in a bi-objective supply chain design problem with risk-pooling
In: Band: 9, 2013, S. 1-6
Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Reza; Forouzanfar, Fateme; Ebrahimnejad, Sadoullah
2013Analysis of unreliable bulk queue with statedependent arrivals
In: Band: 9, 2013, S. 1-9
Singh, Charan Jeet; Jain, Madhu; Kumar, Binay