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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016Robust optimization of a mathematical model to design a dynamic cell formation problem considering labor utilization
In: volume: 12, 2016, p. 45-60
Vafaeinezhad, Moghadaseh; Kia, Reza; Shahnazari-Shahrezaei, Parisa
2016Development of hardware system using temperature and vibration maintenance models integration concepts for conventional machines monitoring: A case study
In: volume: 12, 2016, p. 93-109
Adeyeri, Michael Kanisuru; Mpofu, Khumbulani; Kareem, Buliaminu
2016Multi-objective optimization of discrete time-cost tradeoff problem in project networks using non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm
In: volume: 12, 2016, p. 59-169
Shahriari, Mohammadreza
2016Analysis of implementation of Tradable Green Certificates system in a competitive electricity market: A game theory approach
In: volume: 12, 2016, p. 185-197
Ghaffari, Meysam; Hafezalkotob, Ashkan; Makui, Ahmad
2016A reliability-based maintenance technicians' workloads optimisation model with stochastic consideration
In: volume: 12, 2016, p. 171-183
Ighravwe, D. E.; Oke, S. A.; Adebiyi, K. A.
2016Application of orthogonal array technique and particle swarm optimization approach in surface roughness modification when face milling AISI1045 steel parts
In: volume: 12, 2016, p. 99-209
Moghaddam, Masoud Azadi; Kolahan, Farhad
2016An integrated data envelopment analysis-artificial neural network approach for benchmarking of bank branches
In: volume: 12, 2016, p. 137-143
Shokrollahpour, Elsa; Lotfi, Farhad Hosseinzadeh; Zandieh, Mostafa
2016Ranking efficient DMUs using minimizing distance in DEA
In: volume: 12, 2016, p. 237-242
Ziari, Shokrollah; Raissi, Sadigh
2016Combination of real options and game-theoretic approach in investment analysis
In: volume: 12, 2016, p. 361-375
Arasteh, Abdollah
2016On the use of back propagation and radial basis function neural networks in surface roughness prediction
In: volume: 12, 2016, p. 389-400
Markopoulos, Angelos P.; Georgiopoulos, Sotirios; Manolakos, Dimitros E.