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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015An automated time and hand motion analysis based on planar motion capture extended to a virtual environmentTinoco, Hector A.; Ovalle, Alex M.; Vargas, Carlos A.; Cardona, MarĂ­a J.
2015Developing a new stochastic competitive model regarding inventory and priceRashid, Reza; Bozorgi-Amiri, Ali; Seyedhoseini, S. M.
2015Maximizing the nurses' preferences in nurse scheduling problem: Mathematical modeling and a meta-heuristic algorithmJafari, Hamed; Salmasi, Nasser
2015Data envelopment analysis in service quality evaluation: An empirical studyNajafi, Seyesvahid; Saati, Saber; Tavana, Madjid
2015Retailer's optimal credit period and cycle time in a supply chain for deteriorating items with up-stream and down-stream trade creditsMahata, Gour Chandra
2015A stochastic model for the cell formation problem considering machine reliabilityEsmailnezhad, Bahman; Fattahi, Parviz; Kheirkhah, Amir Saman
2015A mathematical model for the design of distributed layout by considering production planning and system reconfiguration over multiple time periodsShafigh, Farhad; Defersha, Fantahun M.; Moussa, Soha Eid
2015Analysis of interactions among the barriers to JIT production: Interpretive structural modelling approachJadhav, J. R.; Mantha, S. S.; Rane, S. B.
2015Joint pricing and production management: A geometric programming approach with consideration of cubic production cost functionSadjadi, Seyed Jafar; Hesarsorkh, Aghil Hamidi; Mohammadi, Mehdi; Naeini, Ali Bonyadi
2015(m, M) Machining system with two unreliable servers, mixed spares and common-cause failureJain, Madhu; Mittal, Ragini; Kumari, Rekha