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2016Armentum: A hybrid direct search optimization methodology
In: Band: 12, 2016, S. 407-417
Briones, Francisco Zorrilla; Leal, Jaime Sánchez; Pastrana, Inocente Yuliana Meléndez
2016Optimization of two-stage production/inventory systems under order base stock policy with advance demand information
In: Band: 12, 2016, S. 437-458
Nakade, Koichi; Yokozawa, Shiori
2016A multi-objective genetic algorithm for a mixed-model assembly U-line balancing type-I problem considering human-related issues, training, and learning
In: Band: 12, 2016, S. 485-497
Rabbani, Masoud; Montazeri, Mona; Farrokhi-Asl, Hamed; Rafiei, Hamed
2016Optimizing the preventive maintenance scheduling by genetic algorithm based on cost and reliability in National Iranian Drilling Company
In: Band: 12, 2016, S. 509-516
Javanmard, Habibollah; Koraeizadeh, Abd al-Wahhab
2016Pricing in a two-echelon supply chain with different market powers: Game theory approaches
In: Band: 12, 2016, S. 119-135
Esmaeilzadeh, Afshin; Taleizadeh, Ata Allah
2016A mixed integer bi-level DEA model for bank branch performance evaluation by Stackelberg approach
In: Band: 12, 2016, S. 81-91
Shafiee, Morteza; Lofti, Farhad Hosseinzadeh; Saleh, Hilda; Ghaderi, Mehdi
2016A discrete particle swarm optimization algorithm with local search for a production-based two-echelon single-vendor multiple-buyer supply chain
In: Band: 12, 2016, S. 29-43
Seifbarghy, Mehdi; Kalani, Masoud Mirzaei; Hemmati, Mojtaba
2016Extended MULTIMOORA method based on Shannon entropy weight for materials selection
In: Band: 12, 2016, S. 1-13
Hafezalkotob, Ariam; Hafezalkotob, Ashkan
2016Prioritizing critical success factors for reverse logistics implementation using fuzzy-TOPSIS methodology
In: Band: 12, 2016, S. 15-27
Agrawal, Saurabh; Singh, Rajesh K.; Murtaza, Qasim
2016Adaptive call admission control and resource allocation in multi server wireless/cellular network
In: Band: 12, 2016, S. 71-80
Jain, Madhu; Mittal, Ragini