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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014Distribution network design under demand uncertainty using genetic algorithm and Monte Carlo simulation approach: A case study in pharmaceutical industry
In: volume: 10, 2014, p. 1-9
Izadi, Arman; Kimiagari, Ali Mohammad
2014Retailer's inventory system in a two-level trade credit financing with selling price discount and partial order cancellations
In: volume: 10, 2014, p. 1-12
Thangam, A.
2014Integration of QFD, AHP, and LPP methods in supplier development problems under uncertainty
In: volume: 10, 2014, p. 1-8
Shad, Zahra; Roghanian, Emad; Mojibian, Fatemeh
2014The application of fuzzy Delphi and fuzzy inference system in supplier ranking and selection
In: volume: 10, 2014, p. 1-16
Tahriri, Farzad; Mousavi, Maryam; Haghighi, Siamak Hozhabri; Dawal, Siti Zawiah Md
2014Supply chain value creation methodology under BSC approach
In: volume: 10, 2014, p. 1-15
Golrizgashti, Seyedehfatemeh
2014A fuzzy model for achieving lean attributes for competitive advantages development using AHP-QFD-PROMETHEE
In: volume: 10, 2014, p. 1-11
Roghanian, E.; Alipour, Mohammad
2014On the stability of equilibrium for a reformulated foreign trade model of three countries
In: volume: 10, 2014, p. 1-9
Dassios, Ioannis K.; Kalogeropoulos, Grigoris
2014An iterative method for forecasting most probable point of stochastic demand
In: volume: 10, 2014, p. 1-9
Behnamian, J.; Ghomi, S.M.T. Fatemi; Karimi, B.; Moludi, M. Fadaei
2014Multi-site production planning in hybrid make-to-stock/make-toorder production environment
In: volume: 10, 2014, p. 1-9
Rafiei, Hamed; Rabbani, Masoud; Kokabi, Reza
2014Optimal lot sizing in screening processes with returnable defective items
In: volume: 10, 2014, p. 1-9
Vishkaei, Behzad Maleki; Niaki, S.T.A.; Rashti, Mehdi Ebrahimnezhad Moghadam