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2018 Designing a capacitated multi-configuration logistics network under disturbances and parameter uncertainty: A real-world case of a drug supply chainShishebori, Davood; Babadi, Abolghasem Yousefi
2018 Analysis of interactions among barriers in project risk managementDandage, Rahul V.; Mantha, Shankar S.; Rane, Santosh B.; Bhoola, Vanita
2018 Solving the flexible job shop problem by hybrid metaheuristics-based multiagent modelNouri, Houssem Eddine; Driss, Olfa Belkahla; Ghédira, Khaled
2018 Solving the competitive facility location problem considering the reactions of competitor with a hybrid algorithm including Tabu Search and exact methodBagherinejad, Jafar; Niknam, Azar
2018 A new approach for Robot selection in manufacturing using the ellipsoid algorithmSharaf, Iman Mohamad
2018 Availability analysis of mechanical systems with condition-based maintenance using semi-Markov and evaluation of optimal condition monitoring intervalKumar, Girish; Jain, Vipul; Gandhi, O. P.
2018 A model for distribution centers location-routing problem on a multimodal transportation network with a meta-heuristic solving approachFazayeli, Saeed; Eydi, Alireza; Kamalabadi, Isa Nakhai
2018 Optimal replenishment and credit policy in supply chain inventory model under two levels of trade credit with time- and credit-sensitive demand involving default riskMahata, Puspita; Mahata, Gour Chandra; De, Sujit Kumar
2018 Optimal (R, Q) policy and pricing for two-echelon supply chain with lead time and retailer's service-level incomplete informationEsmaeili, M.; Naghavi, M. S.; Ghahghaei, A.
2018 Multiple utility constrained multi-objective programs using Bayesian theoryAbbasian, Pooneh; Mahdavi-Amiri, Nezam; Fazlollahtabar, Hamed
2018 Shrinkage simplex-centroid designs for a quadratic mixture modelHasan, Taha; Ali, Sajid; Ahmed, Munir
2018 An EOQ model for non-instantaneous deteriorating items with two levels of storage under trade credit policyUdayakumar, R.; Geetha, K. V.
2018 A hybrid CS-SA intelligent approach to solve uncertain dynamic facility layout problems considering dependency of demandsMoslemipour, Ghorbanali
2018 Improved teaching-learning-based and JAYA optimization algorithms for solving flexible flow shop scheduling problemsBuddala, Raviteja; Mahapatra, Siba Sankar
2018 Cuckoo search via Lévy flights for the capacitated vehicle routing problemSantillan, Jon Henly; Tapucar, Samantha; Manliguez, Cinmayii; Calag, Vicente
2018 Process capability improvement through DMAIC for aluminum alloy wheel machiningSharma, G. V. S. S.; Rao, P. Srinivasa; Babu, B. Surendra
2018 An iterative method for tri-level quadratic fractional programming problems using fuzzy goal programming approachKassa, Semu Mitiku; Tsegay, Teklay Hailay
2018 Vacation model for Markov machine repair problem with two heterogeneous unreliable servers and threshold recoveryJain, Madhu; Meena, Rakesh Kumar
2018 A novel grey-fuzzy-Markov and pattern recognition model for industrial accident forecastingEdem, Inyeneobong Ekoi; Oke, Sunday Ayoola; Adebiyi, Kazeem Adekunle
2018 Two phase genetic algorithm for vehicle routing and scheduling problem with cross-docking and time windows considering customer satisfactionBaniamerian, Ali; Bashiri, Mahdi; Zabihi, Fahime
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 284