Journal of Industrial Engineering International, SpringerOpen

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2018 Solving the competitive facility location problem considering the reactions of competitor with a hybrid algorithm including Tabu Search and exact methodBagherinejad, Jafar; Niknam, Azar
2018 MTBF evaluation for 2-out-of-3 redundant repairable systems with common cause and cascade failures considering fuzzy rates for failures and repair: A case study of a centrifugal water pumping systemMortazavi, Seyed Mohammad; Mohamadi, Maryam; Jouzdani, Javid
2018 A new approach for Robot selection in manufacturing using the ellipsoid algorithmSharaf, Iman Mohamad
2018 Availability analysis of mechanical systems with condition-based maintenance using semi-Markov and evaluation of optimal condition monitoring intervalKumar, Girish; Jain, Vipul; Gandhi, O. P.
2018 Integrated model for pricing, delivery time setting, and scheduling in make-to-order environmentsGarmdare, Hamid Sattari; Lotfi, M. M.; Honarvar, Mahboobeh
2018 Acceptance sampling for attributes via hypothesis testing and the hypergeometric distributionSamohyl, Robert Wayne
2018 Optimizing a multi-product closed-loop supply chain using NSGA-II, MOSA, and MOPSO meta-heuristic algorithmsBabaveisi, Vahid; Paydar, Mohammad Mahdi; Safaei, Abdul Sattar
2018 Optimizing decentralized production-distribution planning problem in a multi-period supply chain network under uncertaintyNourifar, Raheleh; Mahdavi, Iraj; Mahdavi-Amiri, Nezam; Paydar, Mohammad Mahdi
2018 Improved teaching-learning-based and JAYA optimization algorithms for solving flexible flow shop scheduling problemsBuddala, Raviteja; Mahapatra, Siba Sankar
2018 Incentive mechanism based on cooperative advertising for cost information sharing in a supply chain with competing retailersSetak, Mostafa; Ahar, Hajar Kafshian; Alaei, Saeed
2018 Modeling and forecasting US presidential election using learning algorithmsZolghadr, Mohammad; Niaki, Seyed Armin Akhavan; Niaki, S. T. A.
2018 Process capability improvement through DMAIC for aluminum alloy wheel machiningSharma, G. V. S. S.; Rao, P. Srinivasa; Babu, B. Surendra
2018 Six-sigma application in tire-manufacturing company: A case studyGupta, Vikash; Jain, Rahul; Meena, M. L.; Dangayach, G. S.
2018 Reliability analysis of a robotic system using hybridized techniqueKumar, Naveen; Komal; Lather, J. S.
2018 Shapley value-based multi-objective data envelopment analysis application for assessing academic efficiency of university departmentsAbing, Stephen Lloyd N.; Barton, Mercie Grace L.; Dumdum, Michael Gerard M.; Bongo, Miriam F.; Ocampo, Lanndon A.
2018 Evaluation and selection of sustainable suppliers in supply chain using new GP-DEA model with imprecise dataGhoushchi, Saeid Jafarzadeh; Milan, Mehran Dodkanloi; Rezaee, Mustafa Jahangoshai
2018 Joint pricing, inventory, and preservation decisions for deteriorating items with stochastic demand and promotional effortsSoni, Hardik N.; Chauhan, Ashaba D.
2018 The development of a green supply chain dual-objective facility by considering different levels of uncertaintyKhorasani, Sasan Torabzadeh; Almasifard, Maryam
2018 Collaboration space division in collaborative product development based on a genetic algorithmQian, Xueming; Ma, Yanqiao; Feng, Huan
2018 Two-warehouse system for non-instantaneous deterioration products with promotional effort and inflation over a finite time horizonPalanivel, M.; Priyan, S.; Mala, P.
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 284