Working Papers, Socioeconomic Institute, University of Zurich

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2010 Rotten kids with bad intentionsNetzer, Nick; Schmutzler, Armin
2010 The relation between competition and innovation: Why is it such a mess?Schmutzler, Armin
2010 Convex treatment response and treatment selectionBoes, Stefan
2010 Why the linear utility function is a risky choice in discrete-choice experimentsSennhauser, Michèle
2010 Preferences for health insurance in Germany and the Netherlands: A tale of two countriesZweifel, Peter; Leukert, Karolin; Berner, Stephanie
2010 Economic well-being, social mobility, and preferences for income redistribution: Evidence from a discrete choice experimentNeustadt, Ilja; Zweifel, Peter
2010 The trade effects of endogenous preferential trade agreementsEgger, Peter; Larch, Mario; Staub, Kevin E.; Winkelmann, Rainer
2010 Probability weighting as evolutionary second-bestHerold, Florian; Netzer, Nick
2010 Renewable energy policy in the presence of innovation: Does government pre-commitmnt matter?Madlener, Reinhard; Neustadt, Ilja
2010 Golden balls: A prisoner's dilemma experimentDarai, Donja; Grätz, Silvia
2010 A causal interpretation of extensive and intensive margin effects in generalized tobit modelsStaub, Kevin E.
2010 Is the welfare state sustainable? Experimental evidence on citizens' preferences for redistributionNeustadt, Ilja; Zweifel, Peter
2010 Impact of specialization on health outcomes: Evidence from U.S. cancer dataSchoder, Johannes; Lichtenberg, Frank R.
2010 Lobbying and the power of multinational firmsPolk, Andreas; Schmutzler, Armin; Müller, Adrian
2010 Trade openness, gains from variety and government spendingHanslin, Sandra
2010 Do religious beliefs explain preferences for income redistribution? Experimental evidenceNeustadt, Ilja
2010 When are preferences consistent? The effects of task familiarity and contextual cues on revealed and stated preferencesSchläpfer, Felix; Fischhoff, Baruch
2009 Partial identification of discrete counterfactual distributions with sequential update of informationBoes, Stefan
2009 Competitive screening in insurance markets with endogenous wealth heterogeneityNetzer, Nick; Scheuer, Florian
2009 Simulating WTP values from random-coefficient modelsRischatsch, Maurus
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 137