Working Papers, Socioeconomic Institute, University of Zurich

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2010 A causal interpretation of extensive and intensive margin effects in generalized tobit modelsStaub, Kevin E.
2010 Lobbying and the power of multinational firmsPolk, Andreas; Schmutzler, Armin; Müller, Adrian
2010 Renewable energy policy in the presence of innovation: Does government pre-commitmnt matter?Madlener, Reinhard; Neustadt, Ilja
2010 The relation between competition and innovation: Why is it such a mess?Schmutzler, Armin
2010 Golden balls: A prisoner's dilemma experimentDarai, Donja; Grätz, Silvia
2010 Trade openness, gains from variety and government spendingHanslin, Sandra
2010 Do religious beliefs explain preferences for income redistribution? Experimental evidenceNeustadt, Ilja
2010 Rotten kids with bad intentionsNetzer, Nick; Schmutzler, Armin
2010 The trade effects of endogenous preferential trade agreementsEgger, Peter; Larch, Mario; Staub, Kevin E.; Winkelmann, Rainer
2010 Impact of specialization on health outcomes: Evidence from U.S. cancer dataSchoder, Johannes; Lichtenberg, Frank R.
2010 Economic well-being, social mobility, and preferences for income redistribution: Evidence from a discrete choice experimentNeustadt, Ilja; Zweifel, Peter
2010 Convex treatment response and treatment selectionBoes, Stefan
2010 Probability weighting as evolutionary second-bestHerold, Florian; Netzer, Nick
2010 Is the welfare state sustainable? Experimental evidence on citizens' preferences for redistributionNeustadt, Ilja; Zweifel, Peter
2010 When are preferences consistent? The effects of task familiarity and contextual cues on revealed and stated preferencesSchläpfer, Felix; Fischhoff, Baruch
2010 Why the linear utility function is a risky choice in discrete-choice experimentsSennhauser, Michèle
2010 Preferences for health insurance in Germany and the Netherlands: A tale of two countriesZweifel, Peter; Leukert, Karolin; Berner, Stephanie
2009 A pharmaceutical innovation: Is it worth the money? Whose money?Sennhauser, Michèle; Zweifel, Peter
2009 Robust estimation of zero-inflated count modelsStaub, Kevin E.; Winkelmann, Rainer
2009 Simulating WTP values from random-coefficient modelsRischatsch, Maurus
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 137