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Yaðsar, Burak Serkan
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LICOS Discussion Paper 174
This paper has two main objectives. First, we aim to discuss current developments in the field of AD and document the AD practices in the world. Second, we aim to assess the implications of possible future enlargement of the EU to include Turkey on the AD practices of both. We show that there is a proliferation of AD cases by the WTO Members until 2001 but the number of cases decreased since then. AD has been more used by developing countries than developed countries between 1995 and 2005. China has been the main target of AD practices and metal sector has been the main concern of AD practices by the WTO Members. We then show that, despite the larger number of cases by the EU, Turkey has been using AD instrument more intensively than the EU. Both the EU and Turkey mainly target Asian Countries regarding dumped imports, however, their priorities in tfirms of targeted sectors are not the same. Thus EU's possible future enlargement to include Turkey will be a real challenge for both of the parties regarding their AD practices. Despite the Customs Union between the EU and Turkey, both parties retain the right to impose AD duties on imports from the other. Once Turkey accedes to the Union, the AD measures between the parties will drop automatically, however, the abolition of such measures before Turkey's accession is not very likely to occur.
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Working Paper

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