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2012Impact of Private Incidence of Corruption and Firm Ownership on Performance of Firms in Central and Eastern EuropeBlagojevic, Sandra; Damijan, Jože P.
2011Firms' Pattern of Trade and Access to FinanceDamijan, Jože P.; Kostevc, Črt
2010Learning from trade through innovation: Causal link between imports, exports and innovation in Spanish microdataDamijan, Jože P.; Kostevc, Črt
2008Growing export performance of transition economies: EU market access versus supply capacity factorsJaklič, Andreja; Damijan, Jože P.; Rojec, Matija; Ferjančič, Maja
2005Do External Knowledge Spillovers Induce Firms'Innovations? Evidence from SloveniaDamijan, Jože P.; Jaklic, Andreja; Rojec, Matija
2012Pass-on Trade: Why do Firms Simultaneously engage in Two-Way Trade in the Same Varieties?Damijan, Jože P.; Konings, Jozef; Polanec, Sašo
2004Self-selection, Export Market Heterogeneity and Productivity Improvements: Firm Level Evidence from SloveniaDamijan, Jože P.; Polanec, Sašo; Prašnikar, Janez
2008Trade liberalization and economic geography in transition countries: Can FDI explain the adjustment patterns of regional wages?Damijan, Jože P.; Kostevc, Črt
2008From innovation to exporting or vice versa? Causal link between innovation activity and exporting in Slovenian microdataDamijan, Jože P.; Kostevc, Črt; Polanec, Sašo
2004Case-by-case versus Mass Privatization in Transition Economies: Owner and Seller Effects on Performance of Firms in Slovenia.Simoneti, Marko; Damijan, Jože P.; Rojec, Matija; Majcen, Boris