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Klumpp, Matthias
ild Schriftenreihe Logistikforschung 14
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This research paper addresses quality management in higher education teaching in general and especially regarding the field of logistics study programmes at universities. Therefore the author gives a detailed overview about quality definitions, trends and concepts in higher education in Germany, Europe and internationally. This is followed by a development of an integrated concept of teaching quality in higher education, later to me specified for a new study program for logistics management at the FOM University of Applied Sciences Essen/Duisburg to be started in 2011. For readers in academia as well as in business practice the theoretical models as well as the implementation in a specific study program may be of interest. Further discussion about the suggested model as well as about quality in higher education in general are expected by the researcher. The analysis is part of the ongoing logistics trend research in the LOGFOR project, supported by the European Union Regional Development Funds as well as the NRW department for technology, energy and economics (NRW MWME).
Working Paper
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