Pre-Accession Impact Studies II, European Institute of Romania

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2004State aid control in the sensitive sectors: Coal, steel, shipbuilding, motor vehiclesOprescu, Gheorghe; Atanasiu, Isabela; Papatulică, Mariana; Prisecaru, Petre
2004Romanian pension system during the transtition: Major problems and solutionsPreda, Marian; Dobos, Cristina; Grigoras, Vlad
2004The migration phenomenon from the perspective of Romania's accession to the European UnionConstantin, Daniela-Luminiţa; Vasile, Valentina; Preda, Diana; Nicolescu, Luminiţa
2004Features of bankruptcy in the Romanian economy: Comparative perspective and analysisDăianu, Daniel; Pîslaru, Dragoş; Voinea, Liviu
2004Support study for the action plan for industrial waste landfilling in order to comply with EU legislation: Final reportPlaton, Victor; Stănescu, Rodica; Petroaica, Brânduşa
2004Setting the development priorities for Romanian agriculture and rural sector: The impact of the new common agricutural policy reformManoleli, Dan Gabriel; Campeanu, Virginia; Giurca, Daniela; Chivu, Luminita
2004A chapter-by-chapter assessment of the conformity of the Romanian legislation with the Acquis Communautaire, at the level of the year 2002Fuerea, Augustin; Scarlat, Cezar; Hurduzeu, Gheorghe; Sandu, Steliana; Păun, Cristian
2004The european security and defence policy: A factor of influence on the actions of Romania in the field of security and defenceMureşan, Liviu; Pop, Adrian; Bonciu, Florin
2004A cost-benefit assessment of Romania's accession to European UnionCiupagea, Constantin; Marinas, Laura; Turlea, Geomina; Unguru, Manuela; Gheorghiu, Radu
2004Specific requirements of the EU structural instruments and policy implications for RomaniaCojanu, Valentin; Dima, Alina; Muşetescu, Radu; Pîslaru, Dragoş; Stănculescu, Manuela
2004The implications of the adoption of acquis communautaire on financial control in RomaniaFudulu, Paul; Dinga, Ene; Chitu, Cristinel; Calaican, Laurentiu
2004Strategies of monetary and exchange rate policy in the perspective of Romania's accession to the European Union: Romania's monetary institutions and policy: meeting the EU challengeDaianu, Daniel; Lungu, Laurian; Vranceanu, Radu
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 12 of 12