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Waldmann, Elisabeth
Kneib, Thomas
Yu, Yu Ryan
Lang, Stefan
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Working Papers in Economics and Statistics 2012-06
Quantile regression provides a convenient framework for analyzing the impact of covariates on the complete conditional distribution of a response variable instead of only the mean. While frequentist treatments of quantile regression are typically completely nonparametric, a Bayesian formulation relies on assuming the asymmetric Laplace distribution as auxiliary error distribution that yields posterior modes equivalent to frequentist estimates. In this paper, we utilize a location-scale-mixture of normals representation of the asymmetric Laplace distribution to transfer different flexible modeling concepts from Gaussian mean regression to Bayesian semiparametric quantile regression. In particular, we will consider high-dimensional geoadditive models comprising LASSO regularization priors and mixed models with potentially non-normal random effects distribution modeled via a Dirichlet process mixture. These extensions are illustrated using two large-scale applications on net rents in Munich and longitudinal measurements on obesity among children.
asymmetric Laplace distribution
Bayesian quantile regression
Dirichlet process mixtures
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Working Paper

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