19th ITS Biennial Conference, Bangkok 2012

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This collection contains the conference papers from the

19th ITS Biennial Conference
Bangkok, 18-21 November 2012

"Moving Forward with Future Technologies: Opening a Platform for All"

The merging of previously separate technical worlds has ushered in a new era of openness in telecommunications technology. With the integration of fixed and mobile Web 2.0 technologies; for example, third parties are increasingly being given open access to telecommunications networks as a platform through which to communicate, to interact and to innovate. But what does this mean for the future of telecommunications?
For service providers and for consumers, this translates to reduced costs, improvements in service quality and greater choice. This change has also brought new commercial opportunities and, through the emergence of online social networking, has prompted changes in marketing strategies. Service users and consumers, meanwhile, are now being transformed from passive consumers to confident, active players, capable of generating their own news and information. Online technologies also now permeate public policy areas, as the emergence of e-government, e-healthcare and e-education demonstrate. Efficient and environmentally friendly technologies also offer ways of combating global energy dependency and of supporting green movements.
But these benefits should not, however, obscure the associated challenges posed by telecommunications technologies. A significant digital divide still remains between industrialized and developing countries as well as between different socio-economic groups within these societies. At the same time, governments face the challenge of implementing a new regulatory paradigm with the integration of new technologies and the establishment of greater open access capabilities. Ultimately, this process requires ongoing international cooperation; it requires government, private sector, the internet technical community, civil society and individual users to jointly shape the development of new technology and the policy environment for the future of the telecommunications economy.

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2012 The role of cable TV operators as a facility based competitor in the local broadband market: A case study from three competitive areas in JapanYonetani, Nami; Sugaya, Minoru
2012 Cambodia mobile telecommunication market: Opportunities and challengesVong, Sokha; Lee, Duk Hee; Zo, Hangjung
2012 NGA investments: A departure from the existing cost and demand structure assumptionsTselekounis, Markos; Maniadakis, Dimitris; Varoutas, Dimitris
2012 The emergence of iPhone and its impact on mobile carriers and handset manufacturers: The case of USA, Europe and JapanTerada, Shinichiro
2012 Adoption of mGovernment service initiative in developing countries: A citizen-centric public service delivery perspectiveOghuma, Apollos Patricks; Park, Myeong-cheol; Rho, Jae Jeung
2012 Analysis of video-viewing behavior in the era of convergent and connected devicesBanerjee, Aniruddha; Alleman, James; Rappoport, Paul
2012 Exploring organizational adoption of cloud computing in SingaporeTan, Margaret; Lin, Trisha T. C.
2012 The patterns of mobile telephony development in Sub Sahara Africa: A cluster analysisMoshi, Goodiel; Mitomo, Hitoshi
2012 Re-inventing the telecommunications industryvan den Dam, Rob
2012 Shared access, cognitive radio and transition issuesAlison, Bunel; Denis, Lescop
2012 Internet and broadband adoption in indigenous communities: An analysis of rural AlaskaHudson, Heather E.
2012 What drives individuals to access the internet mostly using a cell phone?Yook, Seungyun; Jung, Yumi
2012 Attitudes towards telework for continuity planning in JapanMaria, Bourna; Hitoshi, Mitomo
2012 Expanding mobile wireless capacity: The challenges presented by technology and economicsClarke, Richard N.
2012 Leadership development through online gamingNuangjumnonga, Tinnawat; Mitomo, Hitoshi
2012 Analyzing the mobile content consumption in different social contexts: the cases of graduate student usages in Taiwan and U.S.A.Tseng, Kuo-feng
2012 Some insights in regulation and potential profitability off passive fiber infrastructure in EuropeVerbrugge, Sofie; Van der Wee, Marlies; Fernandez-Gallardo, Maria; Dobrajs, Kristaps; Pickavet, Mario
2012 Price elasticity estimation for converged telephone, data, and video servicesBanerjee, Aniruddha
2012 A study on the ex-post regulation within the content ecosystem in KoreaHyenyoung, Yoon
2012 Exploring mobile pricing strategies and innovations in the Thai mobile communications marketSrinuan, Chalita; Srinuan, Pratompong; Bohlin, Erik
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 77
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