Working Papers in Economics, Fachbereich Sozial- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Universität Salzburg

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2015 Assessing the role of PPPs in addressing proximity and systemic challenges in regional innovation policyKristensen, Iryna
2014 A note on merger and acquisition evaluationFurlan, Benjamin; Oberhofer, Harald; Winner, Hannes
2014 Institutional barriers and job creation in Central and Eastern EuropeCrespo Cuaresma, Jesús; Oberhofer, Harald; Vincelette, Gallina A.
2014 "When helping the small hurts the middle": Beer excise duties and market concentrationLoretz, Simon; Oberhofer, Harald
2014 Tax competition and tax coordination in the European Union: A surveyKeuschnigg, Christian; Loretz, Simon; Winner, Hannes
2014 The occurrence of tax amnesties: Theory and evidenceBayer, Ralph-C.; Oberhofer, Harald; Winner, Hannes
2014 Policy commitment, legal and regulatory framework, and institutional support for PPP in international comparison: Indexing countries' readiness for taking up PPPVerhoest, Koen; Petersen, Ole Helby; Scherrer, Walter; Murwantara Soecipto, Raden
2013 Career choices in academiaJanger, Jürgen; Nowotny, Klaus
2013 Institutions and the location decisions of highly skilled migrants to EuropeNowotny, Klaus
2013 The relative performance of socially responsible investment funds: New evidence from AustriaRathner, Sebastian
2013 Who creates jobs? Estimating job creation rates at the firm levelHuber, Peter; Oberhofer, Harald; Pfaffermayr, Michael
2013 The industry-specific relationships between corporate financial performance and 11 corporate social performance dimensions: Taking a more nuanced perspectiveRathner, Sebastian
2012 Convergence without hard criteria: Does EU soft law affect domestic unemployment protection schemes?Paetzold, Jörg; van Vliet, Olaf
2012 Regional density of private dentists: Empirical evidence from AustriaGächter, Martin; Schwazer, Peter; Theurl, Engelbert; Winner, Hannes
2012 The wage premium of globalization: Evidence from European mergers and acquisitionsOberhofer, Harald; Stöckl, Matthias; Winner, Hannes
2012 Job creation and the intra-distribution dynamics of the firm size distributionHuber, Peter; Oberhofer, Harald; Pfaffermayr, Michael
2012 The convergence of welfare state indicators in Europe: Evidence from panel dataPaetzold, Jörg
2012 Democratization and real exchange ratesFurlan, Benjamin; Gächter, Martin; Krebs, Bob; Oberhofer, Harald
2012 The effect of marketing spending on sales in the premium car segment: New evidence from GermanyCrespo-Cuaresma, Jesus; Stoeckl, Matthias
2012 Ethnic networks and the location choice of migrants in EuropeNowotny, Klaus; Pennerstorfer, Dieter
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 21 bis 40 von 69