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2019 Measuring international uncertainty using global vector autoregressions with drifting parametersPfarrhofer, Michael
2019 Trend fundamentals and exchange rate dynamicsHuber, Florian; Kaufmann, Daniel
2019 Inducing sparsity and shrinkage in time-varying parameter modelsHuber, Florian; Koop, Gary; Onorante, Luca
2019 International effects of a compression of euro area yield curvesFeldkircher, Martin; Gruber, Thomas; Huber, Florian
2019 Bayesian state-space modeling for analyzing heterogeneous network effects of US monetary policyHauzenberger, Niko; Pfarrhofer, Michael
2019 Exchange rate dynamics and monetary policy: Evidence from a non-linear DSGE-VAR approachHuber, Florian; Rabitsch, Katrin
2018 Model instability in predictive exchange rate regressionsHauzenberger, Niko; Huber, Florian
2018 Cutting red tape for trade in servicesKern, Milena; Paetzold, Jörg; Winner, Hannes
2018 Spillovers from US monetary policy: Evidence from a time-varying parameter GVAR modelCrespo Cuaresma, Jesús; Doppelhofer, Gernot; Feldkircher, Martin; Huber, Florian
2018 Should I stay or should I go? A latent threshold approach to large-scale mixture innovation modelsHuber, Florian; Kastner, Gregor; Feldkircher, Martin
2018 The dynamic impact of monetary policy on regional housing prices in the United StatesFischer, Manfred M.; Huber, Florian; Pfarrhofer, Michael; Staufer-Steinnocher, Petra
2018 The transmission of uncertainty shocks on income inequality: State-level evidence from the United StatesFischer, Manfred M.; Huber, Florian; Pfarrhofer, Michael
2018 The intergenerational causal effect of tax evasion: Evidence from the commuter tax allowance in AustriaFrimmel, Wolfgang; Halla, Martin; Paetzold, Jörg
2018 How important are global factors for understanding the dynamics of international capital flows?Eller, Markus; Huber, Florian; Schuberth, Helene
2018 Stochastic model specification in Markov switching vector error correction modelsHuber, Florian; Pfarrhofer, Michael; Zörner, Thomas O.
2017 How do wage earners respond to a large kink? Evidence on earnings and deduction behavior from AustriaPaetzold, Jörg
2017 Return and volatility spillover effects in agricultural commodity marketsBernhardt, Matthias
2017 Dynamic volatility behaviour in agricultural commodity markets: Evidence from VIRF analysis and spillover index calculationsBernhardt, Matthias
2016 Shifting the tax burden from labor to property: The case of GermanyPaetzold, Jörg; Tiefenbacher, Markus
2016 Taking the high road? Compliance with commuter tax allowances and the role of evasion spilloversPaetzold, Jörg; Winner, Hannes
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 73