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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016Family farming in Latin America and the Caribbean: Looking for new paths of rural development and food securitySchneider, Sergio
2016Family farms of North AmericaIkerd, John
2016Effects of domestic worker legislation reform in BrazilCosta, Joana Simões; Barbosa, Ana Luiza Neves de Holanda; Hirata, Guilherme Issamu
2016Family farming in Europe and Central Asia: History, characteristics, threats and potentialsvan der Ploeg, Jan Douwe
2016Impact of school day extension on educational outcomes: Evidence from Mais Educação in Brazilde Oliveira, Luis Felipe Batista; de Menezes, Rafael Terra
2016Climate change and impacts on family farming in the North and Northeast of BrazilMachado Filho, Haroldo; Moraes, Cássia; Bennati, Paula; de Aragão Rodrigues, Renato; Guilles, Marcela; Rocha, Pedro; Lima, Amanda; Vasconcelos, Isadora
2016Overview of Chilean and Peruvian social policies: Impressions from a study tourde Arruda, Pedro Lara; Nazareno, Luísa A.; Salles, Manoel; Alves, Juliana; Courau, Amelie
2016Fiscal condition of the public sector in Brazil: An analysis with an emphasis on the states in the North and Northeast regions of the country and on financing for rural developmentOrair, Rodrigo Octávio; Gobetti, Sérgio Wulff; Alencar, André Amorim; Marcelo, João
2016The effects of conditionality monitoring on educational outcomes: Evidence from Brazil's Bolsa Família programmePaiva, Luis Henrique; Soares, Fábio Veras; Cireno, Flavio; Viana, Iara Azevedo Vitelli; Duran, Ana Clara
2016Family farming in the Near East and North AfricaBush, Ray