CHCP Working Paper Series, University of Western Ontario

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017 The effects of minimum wage on wage distribution in urban China: Evidence from the CHIP dataXinxin, Ma; Li, Shi
2017 China's urban gender wage gap: A new direction?Song, Jin; Sicular, Terry; Gustafsson, Björn
2017 Wage dynamics and returns to unobserved skillLochner, Lance; Park, Youngmin; Shin, Youngki
2017 Social policy reforms and economic distances in China, 2002-2013Gao, Qin; Yang, Sui; Zhai, Fuhua; Wang, Yake
2017 Measuring quality for use in incentive schemes: The case of "shrinkage" estimatorsMehta, Nirav
2017 Modeling enrollment in and completion of vocational education: The role of cognitive and non-cognitive skills by program typeStratton, Leslie S.; Gupta, Nabanita Datta; Reimer, David; Holm, Anders
2017 Careers and mismatch for college graduates: College and non-college jobsAgopsowicz, Andrew; Robinson, Chris; Stinebrickner, Ralph; Stinebrickner, Todd R.
2017 Early and late human capital investments, borrowing constraints, and the familyCaucutt, Elizabeth M.; Lochner, Lance
2017 Beauty, job tasks, and wages: A new conclusion about employer taste-based discriminationStinebrickner, Todd R.; Stinebrickner, Ralph; Sullivan, Paul
2017 Social interactions, mechanisms, and equilibrium: Evidence from a model of study time and academic achievementConley, Timothy G.; Mehta, Nirav; Stinebrickner, Ralph; Stinebrickner, Todd R.
2017 Targeting the wrong teachers? Linking measurement with theory to evaluate teacher incentive schemesMehta, Nirav
2017 The potential output gains from using optimal teacher incentives: An illustrative calibration of a hidden action modelMehta, Nirav
2017 Job tasks, time allocation, and wagesStinebrickner, Ralph; Stinebrickner, Todd R.; Sullivan, Paul
2016 Occupational choice, human capital, and financial constraintsCastro, Rui; Ševčík, Pavel
2016 Ageing and the skill portfolio: Evidence from job based skill measuresBowlus, Audra J.; Mori, Hiroaki; Robinson, Chris
2016 The effect of education and school quality on female crimeCano-Urbina, Javier; Lochner, Lance
2016 Demand and supply effects and returns to college education: Evidence from a natural experiment with engineers in DenmarkQvist, Hans-Peter Y.; Holm, Anders; Munk, Martin D.
2016 An economic approach to generalizing findings from regression-discontinuity designsMehta, Nirav
2015 Explaining the evolution of educational attainment in the U.S.Castro, Rui; Coen-Pirani, Daniele
2015 Separating state dependence, experience, and heterogeneity in a model of youth crime and educationMancino, Maria Antonella; Navarro, Salvador; Rivers, David A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 85