Department of Economics Research Report Series, University of Western Ontario

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015 Specifying nodes as sets of choicesStreufert, Peter A.
2015 Concisely specifying choices in an outcome-set formStreufert, Peter A.
2015 Choice-set forms are dual to outcome-set formsStreufert, Peter A.
2013 Correlated equilibria and communication equilibria in all-pay auctionsPavlov, Gregory
2013 Health insurance, annuities, and public policyZhao, Kai
2012 Communication in cournot oligopolyGoltsman, Maria; Pavlov, Gregory
2012 Additive plausibility characterizes the supports of consistent assessmentsStreufert, Peter A.
2012 Specifying nodes as sets of actionsStreufert, Peter A.
2011 Professor Fisher and the quantity theory: A significant encounterLaidler, David
2010 A property of solutions to linear monopoly problemsPavlov, Gregory
2010 Harvard, the Chicago tradition and the quantity theory: A reply to James AhiakporLaidler, David; Sandilands, Roger
2010 Optimal mechanism for selling two goodsPavlov, Gregory
2010 Renegotiation-proof mechanism designNeeman, Zvika; Pavlov, Gregory
2009 Lucas, Keynes, and the crisisLaidler, David
2009 Social security, differential fertility, and the dynamics of the earnings distributionZhao, Kai
2008 How to talk to multiple audiencesGoltsman, Maria; Pavlov, Gregory
2007 Economics research in Canada: A long-run assessment of journal publicationsDavies, James B.; Kocher, Martin G.; Sutter, Matthias
2007 Milton Friedman: A brief obituaryLaidler, David
2006 Characterizing consistency by monomials and by product dispersionsStreufert, Peter A.
2006 Products of several relative probabilitiesStreufert, Peter A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 82