Department of Economics Research Report Series, University of Western Ontario

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 Botswana's fiscal policy, monetary policy, and exchange rate policy: Three instruments and three targets?Leith, James Clark
2020 The category of node-and-choice extensive-form gamesStreufert, Peter Alfred
2020 Reforming Canada's disaster assistance programsDavies, James B.
2020 European puts, credit protection, and endogenous defaultCruz López, Jorge; Ibáñez, Alfredo
2020 Distributional effects of flooding, with an application to a major urban areaDavies, James B.; Black, Samantha L.
2019 Immigrants and exports: Firm-level evidence from CanadaCardoso, Miguel; Ramanaryanan, Ananth
2019 Assessing misspecification and aggregation for structured preferencesAllen, Roy E.; Rehbeck, John
2019 Revealed statistical consumer theoryAllen, Roy; Dziewulski, Pawel; Rehbeck, John
2019 Discerning solution conceptsKashaev, Nail; Salcedo, Bruno
2019 Trading motives in asset marketsWang, Zijian
2018 Filling the gap: Long run Canadian wealth inequality in international contextDavies, James B.; Di Matteo, Livio
2018 The collapse and recovery of the capital share in East Germany after 1989Cociuba, Simona E.
2018 Equivalences among five game specifications, including a new specification whose nodes are sets of past choicesStreufert, Peter Alfred
2018 The category of node-and-choice forms, with subcategories for choice-sequence forms and choice-set formsStreufert, Peter Alfred
2018 Why the fuss? Friedman (1968) after fifty yearsLaidler, David E. W.
2018 Demographics and sectoral reallocations: A search theory with immobile workersCociuba, Simona E.; MacGee, James
2017 International risk sharing with endogenously segmented asset marketsCociuba, Simona E.; Ramanarayanan, Ananth
2017 A non-parametric approach to testing the axioms of the shapely value with limited dataAguiar, Victor; Pongrou, Roland; Tondji, Jean-Baptiste
2016 The Gini coefficient and personal inequality measurementDavies, James B.
2016 The category of node-and-choice forms for extensive-form gamesStreufert, Peter Alfred
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 106