Department of Economics Research Report Series, University of Western Ontario

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Trading motives in asset marketsWang, Zijian
2019 Immigrants and exports: Firm-level evidence from CanadaCardoso, Miguel; Ramanaryanan, Ananth
2018 Equivalences among five game specifications, including a new specification whose nodes are sets of past choicesStreufert, Peter Alfred
2018 Demographics and sectoral reallocations: A search theory with immobile workersCociuba, Simona E.; MacGee, James
2018 The category of node-and-choice forms, with subcategories for choice-sequence forms and choice-set formsStreufert, Peter Alfred
2018 The collapse and recovery of the capital share in East Germany after 1989Cociuba, Simona E.
2018 Why the fuss? Friedman (1968) after fifty yearsLaidler, David E. W.
2018 Filling the gap: Long run Canadian wealth inequality in international contextDavies, James B.; Di Matteo, Livio
2017 A non-parametric approach to testing the axioms of the shapely value with limited dataAguiar, Victor; Pongrou, Roland; Tondji, Jean-Baptiste
2017 International risk sharing with endogenously segmented asset marketsCociuba, Simona E.; Ramanarayanan, Ananth
2016 Economic ideas, the monetary order and the uneasy case for policy rulesLaidler, David
2016 The Gini coefficient and personal inequality measurementDavies, James B.
2016 The category of node-and-choice preforms for extensive-form gamesStreufert, Peter Alfred
2016 Random categorization and bounded rationalityAguiar, Victor H.
2016 The category of node-and-choice forms for extensive-form gamesStreufert, Peter Alfred
2016 Managing risk taking with interest rate policy and macroprudential regulationsCociuba, Simona E.; Shukayev, Malik; Ueberfeldt, Alexander
2015 Choice-set forms are dual to outcome-set formsStreufert, Peter A.
2015 Concisely specifying choices in an outcome-set formStreufert, Peter A.
2015 Specifying nodes as sets of choicesStreufert, Peter A.
2013 Correlated equilibria and communication equilibria in all-pay auctionsPavlov, Gregory
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 98