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2020 Re-examining inequality persistenceGhoshray, Atanu; Monfort, Mercedes; Ordóñez, Javier
2020 A new and benign hegemon on the horizon? The Chinese century and growth in the Global SouthNguyenHuu, Tams; Karaman Örsal, Deniz Dilan
2020 Does a promise script work to reduce the hypothetical bias? Evidence from an induced value experimentQin, Botao
2020 Does stock market capitalization cause GDP? A causality study for Central and Eastern European countries?Prats Albentosa, María Asuncíon; Sandoval, Beatriz
2020 Bootstrap methods for inference in the Parks modelMoundigbaye, Mantobaye; Messemer, Clarisse; Parks, Richard W.; Reed, W. Robert
2020 Stock price related financial fragility and growth patternsAßmuth, Pascal
2020 The direct and indirect impacts of liberal immigration policies on the United States' economyShin, Geiguen
2020 Bounded rationality in Keynesian beauty contests: A lesson for central bankers?Mauersberger, Felix; Nagel, Rosemarie; Bühren, Christoph
2020 The e-monetary theoryNgotran, Duong
2020 Global sourcing, firm size and export survivalBandick, Roger
2020 A note on observational equivalence of micro assumptions on macro levelPonomarenko, Alexey
2020 Exchange rate volatility in the eurozoneBajo-Rubio, Oscar; Berke, Burcu; McMillan, David G.
2020 European Union: Collective bargaining and internal flexibility during the Great RecessionRuesga Benito, Santos; Heredero de Pablos, María Isabel; Da Silva Bichara, Julimar; Ortiz, Laura Pérez; Viñas, Ana Apaolaza; Monsueto, Sandro Eduardo
2020 Statistical foundations of ecological rationalityBrighton, Henry
2020 A replication of "A quasi-maximum likelihood approach for large, approximate dynamic factor models" (Review of Economics and Statistics, 2012)Lucchetti, Riccardo; Venetis, Ioannis A.
2020 Overpricing persistence in experimental asset markets with intrinsic uncertaintySornette, Didier; Andraszewicz, Sandra; Wu, Ke; Murphy, Ryan O.; Rindler, Philipp; Sanadgol, Dorsa
2020 A replication of "The role of intermediaries in facilitating trade" (Journal of International Economics, 2011)Duan, Jianhua; Xuefeng, Qian; Das, Kuntal K.; Meriluoto, Laura; Reed, W. Robert
2020 Labor standards and social conditions in free trade zones: The case of the Manaus free trade zoneTeixeira, Louisiana Cavalcanti
2020 The delimitation of Giffenity for the Wold-Juréen (1953) utility function using relative prices: A noteSproule, Robert A.
2020 Keynes's investment theory as a micro-foundation for his grandchildrenNisticò, Sergio
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 542
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