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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018Are retirees more satisfied? Anticipation and adaptation effects of retirement on subjective well-being: A panel analysis for GermanyMerz, Joachim
2019Parental child care time, income and subjective well-being: A multidimensional polarization approach for GermanyMerz, Joachim; Peters, Normen
2010Human capital investments in children: A comparative analysis of the role of parent-child shared time in selected countriesÖsterbacka, Eva; Merz, Joachim; Zick, Cathleen D.
2010Kumulation von Querschnitten: Evaluierung alternativer Konzepte für die kumulierten laufenden Wirtschaftsrechnungen 1999 bis 2003 im Vergleich zur Einkommens- und Verbrauchsstichprobe 2003Merz, Joachim; Stolze, Henning
2011Does job satisfaction adapt to working conditions? An empirical analysis for rotating shift work, flextime, and temporary employment in UKHanglberger, Dominik
2011Intensity of time and income interdependent multidimensional poverty: Well-being and minimum 2DGAP - German evidenceMerz, Joachim; Rathjen, Tim
2011Are self-employed really happier than employees? An approach modelling adaptation and anticipation effects to self-employment and general job changesHanglberger, Dominik; Merz, Joachim
2011Zeit- und Einkommensarmut von Freien Berufen und UnternehmernMerz, Joachim; Rathjen, Tim
2010Cumulation of cross-section surveys: Evaluation of alternative concepts for the cumulated Continuous Household Budget Surveys (LWR) 1999 until 2003 compared to the Sample Survey of Income and Expenditures (EVS) 2003Merz, Joachim; Stolze, Henning
2011The timing of daily demand for goods and services: Microsimulation policy results of an aging society, increasing labour market flexibility and extended public childcare in GermanyMerz, Joachim; Hanglberger, Dominik; Rucha, Rafael