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2023Using functional shocks to assess conventional and unconventional monetary policy in CanadaKoeppl, Thorsten V.; Kronick, Jeremy M.; McNeil, James
2023Financial, economic and environmental analyses of upgrading reverse osmosis plant fed with treated wastewaterChamaki, Foroogh Nazari; Jenkins, Glenn P.; Hashemipour, Majid
2023Estimation of economic welfare gains from trade facilitation in the Andean CommunityJenkins, Glenn P.; Nazif, Mehmet
2023More efficient estimation of multiplicative panel data models in the presence of serial correlationBrown, Nicholas; Wooldridge, Jeffrey M.
2023Excise tax incidence: The inequity of taxing obesity and beautyAlshamleh, Osaid; Jenkins, Glenn P.; Ekici, Tufan
2023Difference-in-differences via common correlated effectsBrown, Nicholas; Butts, Kyle; Westerlund, Joakim
2023A test of Hirschman's Hiding Hand principle in World Bank-financed hydropower projectsJenkins, Glenn P.; Olasehinde-Williams, Godwin
2023Moment-based estimation of linear panel data models with factor-augmented errorsBrown, Nicholas
2023Sample sizes for reliably estimating lower and upper income shares in income distribution analysisBeach, Charles M.
2023Traceability, value, and trust in the coffee market: A natural experiment in EthiopiaMbakop, Ludovic; Jenkins, Glenn P.; Leung, Leonard; Sertoglu, Kamil
2023Quantile tool box measures for empirical analysis and for testing distributional comparisons in direct distribution-free fashionBeach, Charles M.
2023Renewable energy support through feed-in tariffs: A retrospective stakeholder analysisHashemi, Majid; Jenkins, Glenn P.; Milne, Frank
2023A gravity analysis of inter-provincial tradeLapham, Beverly J.; Teeter, Daniel
2023Understanding the DeFi network through the lens of a production-network modelChiu, Jonathan; Koeppl, Thorsten V.; Yu, Hanna; Zhang, Shengxing
2023Estimation of the economic opportunity cost of labour: An operational guide for GhanaJenkins, Glenn P.; Sogah, Richard; Othman, Abdallah; Miklyaev, Mikhail; Coskuner, Çagay
2023Can unbiased predictive AI amplify bias?Khan, Tanvir Ahmed
2023Enhancement of coffee quality in Rwanda: A stakeholder analysis of government policiesJenkins, Glenn P.; Mbakop, Ludovic; Miklyaev, Mikhail
2023Hotelling's exhaustible resource extraction model as a linear programHartwick, John M.
2023Student experiences with COVID-19 in CanadaAfodjo, Nabil; Cotton, Christopher; Jones, Maggie; Scholle-Cotton, Lydia
2022Money, credit and imperfect competition among banksHead, Allen; Kam, Timothy; Ng, Sam; Pan, Isaac
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 814