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Sieradzki, Jakub
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[Journal:] e-Finanse: Financial Internet Quarterly [ISSN:] 1734-039X [Volume:] 7 [Year:] 2011 [Issue:] 2 [Pages:] 70-81
The article discusses the German legislation in relation to mortgage bonds, and also briefly describes the state of European legislation in this regard. There are also themes from other countries in which such mortgage bonds are used. The publication consists of 5 sections, where the first is the introduction and the last contains the conclusions. The main part of the article is part 4, where the author briefly discusses the German Law on Mortgage Bonds. Parts 2 and 3 are the legal background for the main part. The author believes that due to the crisis of the years 2007-2009, the revision of solutions for securitization is needed. There are already some proven designs that through many years of evolution have perfectly fitted the economy. Such a model is undoubtedly the German bond (in any form). In addition, the German act presents interesting solutions for risks that are inherent in banking activities, including in particular the issue and trading of securities.
mortgage bonds
German mortgage bonds
German law
European law
securities law
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