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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013Change of the organisational and legal form of independent public healthcare centres (SPZOZ) and consequences for financing healthcare entity activitiesWołowiec, Tomasz; Skica, Tomasz
2016Selection and assortment of the variables describing the relationship between the economy and the general government sector size by application of the LEM2 algorithmSkica, Tomasz; Rodzinka, Jacek; Fryc, Barbara
2013The role of local government in the process of entrepreneurship developmentSkica, Tomasz; Bem, Agnieszka; Żygadło, Karolina
2012The analysis of training needs in public institutions operating in health care sector in the Podkarpacie ProvinceSkica, Tomasz; Rodzinka, Jacek
2014Income taxation versus mangerial decisionsWołowiec, Tomasz; Skica, Tomasz; Nedyalkova, Anna
2018Application of probabilistic inference in defining impact of the general government sector's size on the economy and determining the size of the sector by the economy in the EUMroczek, Teresa; Skica, Tomasz; Rodzinka, Jacek
2012Diagnosis converning the financial knowledge of Local Government Units (LGUs)Skica, Tomasz; Wolowiec, Tomasz
2015Data mining approach in determining the relationships between the economy and the general government sectorSkica, Tomasz; Rodzinka, Jacek; Mroczek, Teresa
2020Financial effectiveness and productivity of the agricultural sector in PolandMisiąg, Wojciech; Skica, Tomasz; Rodzinka, Jacek
2014Economic relations between personal and corporate income taxSkica, Tomasz; Wołowiec, Tomasz; Pavlov, Pavel