Estudios de Economia, Department of Economics, University of Chile

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Metodología para comparar comisiones por flujo y saldo en fondos de pensionesChávez-Bedoya, Luis
2016 Análisis de la demanda residencial de los servicios básicos en España usando un modelo QUAIDS censuradoGálvez, Pablo; Mariel, Petr; Hoyos, David
2016 An examination of short-run performance of IPOs using Extreme Bounds AnalysisMumtaz, Muhammad Zubair; Smith, Zachary A.; Ahmed, Ather Maqsood
2016 The new hybrid value at risk approach based on the extreme value theoryRadivojevic, Nicola; Cvjetkovic, Milena; Stepanov, Saša
2016 Relationship between leverage and the bargaining power of labor unions: Evidence from theoretical and empirical perspectivesChoi, Chil Sun; Sohn, Pando; Seo, Ji-Yong
2015 Investor heterogeneity and asymmetric volatility under short-sale constraints: Evidence from Korean fund marketSohn, Pando; Seo, Ji-Yong
2015 Derechos colectivos en pesca artesanal y los intercambios en la política pesquera: Un análisis de las políticas distributivasJara, Miguel; Dresdner, Jorge; Gómez, Walter
2015 The equivalence of convex and concave transport cost in a circular spatial model with and without zoningHamoudi, Hamid; Rodríguez Iglesias, Isabel María; Martín-Bustamante, Marcos Sanz
2015 Globalization and technological capabilities: Evidence from Mexico's patent records ca. 1870-1911Beatty, Edward
2015 Over-estimating the effects of teacher attributes on school performance in the Chilean education systemToledo Román, Gabriela; Valenzuela, Juan Pablo
2015 Long-run profits in times of crisis: A comparison between European SMEs and large companiesAlcalde-Fradejas, Nuria; Ramírez-Alesón, Marisa
2015 A dainty review of the business and economic history of Chile and Latin AmericaBátiz-Lazo, Bernardo
2015 The British commercial houses in Peru and Chile between the two world wars: Success and failureMiller, Rory M.
2015 Huth & Co.'s credit strategies: A global merchant-banker's risk management, c. 1810-1850Llorca-Jaña, Manuel
2015 Salarios agrícolas durante la industrialización en Chile: Factores económicos e institucionalesCampos, Nora Reyes
2015 The evolution of the location of economic activity in Chile in the long run: A paradox of extreme concentration in absence of agglomeration economiesBadia-Miró, Marc
2015 Female entrepreneurship and participation rates in 19th century ChileAndrae, Bernardita Escobar
2014 Thinly traded securities and risk managementBernales, Alejandro; Beuermann, Diether W.; Cortazar, Gonzalo
2014 Judicial versus private auctions: Better without protection?Paredes, Ricardo; Crisosto, Andrés; Martí, Philippe
2014 Quantifying distortions from pollution in a R&D endogenous growth modelNeves Sequeira, Tiago; Ferreira-Lopes, Alexandra
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 112