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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019Pathways for Germany's Low-Carbon Energy Transformation Towards 2050Bartholdsen, Hans-Karl; Eidens, Anna; Löffler, Konstantin; Seehaus, Frederik; Wejda, Felix; Burandt, Thorsten; Oei, Pao-Yu; Kemfert, Claudia; Hirschhausen, Christian von
2019Prospects for steam coal exporters in the era of climate policies: a case study of ColombiaOei, Pao-Yu; Mendelevitch, Roman
2017Designing a Model for the Global Energy System—GENeSYS-MOD: An Application of the Open-Source Energy Modeling System (OSeMOSYS)Löffler, Konstantin; Hainsch, Karlo; Burandt, Thorsten; Oei, Pao-Yu; Kemfert, Claudia; Von Hirschhausen, Christian
2019Economic Resilience of German Lignite Regions in TransitionStognief, Nora; Walk, Paula; Schöttker, Oliver; Oei, Pao-Yu
2020Solar PV generation in Colombia - A qualitative and quantitative approach to analyze the potential of solar energy marketLópez, Andrea Ruíz; Krumm, Alexandra; Schattenhofer, Lukas; Burandt, Thorsten; Montoya, Felipe Corral; Oberländer, Nora; Oei, Pao-Yu
2020Scenarios for Coal-Exit in Germany—A Model-Based Analysis and Implications in the European ContextKittel, Martin; Goeke, Leonard; Kemfert, Claudia; Oei, Pao-Yu; Hirschhausen, Christian R. von
2020Lessons from Modeling 100% Renewable Scenarios Using GENeSYS-MODOei, Pao-Yu; Burandt, Thorsten; Hainsch, Karlo; Löffler, Konstantin; Kemfert, Claudia
2019Decarbonizing China’s energy system – Modeling the transformation of the electricity, transportation, heat, and industrial sectorsBurandt, Thorsten; Xiong, Bobby; Löffler, Konstantin; Oei, Pao-Yu
2019Modeling the low-carbon transition of the European energy system - A quantitative assessment of the stranded assets problemLöffler, Konstantin; Burandt, Thorsten; Hainsch, Karlo; Oei, Pao-Yu
2019Transporting and Storing High-Level Nuclear Waste in the U.S.—Insights from a Mathematical ModelWegel, Sebastian; Czempinski, Victoria; Oei, Pao-Yu; Wealer, Ben