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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018Personalized Feedback in Web Surveys: Does It Affect Respondents’ Motivation and Data Quality?Kühne, Simon; Kroh, Martin
2020The Need for Household Panel Surveys in Times of Crisis: The Case of SOEP-CoVKühne, Simon; Kroh, Martin; Liebig, Stefan; Zinn, Sabine
2012Die abnehmende Bedeutung des Elternhauses: Intergenerationale Übertragung von Parteibindungen in Deutschland 1984 bis 2010Kroh, Martin
2016Using Person-Fit Measures to Assess the Impact of Panel Conditioning on ReliabilityKroh, Martin; Winter, Florin; Schupp, Jürgen
Aug-2009The Preadult Origins of Postmaterialism: A Longitudinal Sibling StudyKroh, Martin
2005Intervieweffekte bei der Erhebung des Körpergewichts in BevölkerungsumfragenKroh, Martin
Dec-2009Inheritance and the Dynamics of Party IdentificationKroh, Martin; Selb, Peter
2016Exercise at Different Ages and Appendicular Lean Mass and Strength in Later Life: Results From the Berlin Aging Study IIEibich, Peter; Buchmann, Nikolaus; Kroh, Martin; Wagner, Gert G.; Steinhagen-Thiessen, Elisabeth; Demuth, Ilja; Norman, Kristina
Mar-2014Growth trajectories in the strength of party identification: The legacy of autocratic regimesKroh, Martin
2015Are Incentive Effects on Response Rates and Nonresponse Bias in Large-scale, Face-to-face Surveys Generalizable to Germany? Evidence from Ten ExperimentsPforr, Klaus; Blohm, Michael; Blom, Annelies G.; Erdel, Barbara; Felderer, Barbara; Fräßdorf, Mathis; Hajek, Kristin; Helmschrott, Susanne; Kleinert, Corinna; Koch, Achim; Krieger, Ulrich; Kroh, Martin; Martin, Silke; Saßenroth, Denise; Schmiedeberg, Claudia; Trüdinger, Eva-Maria; Rammstedt, Beatrice