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2015Costing a feminist plan for a caring economy: The case of free universal childcare in the UKde Henau, Jerome
2015A capabilities approach to housing and quality of life: The evidence from GermanyCoates, Dermot; Anand, Paul; Norris, Michelle
2015Housing, happiness and capabilities: A summary of the international evidence and modelsCoates, Dermot; Anand, Paul; Norris, Michelle
2015Capabilities and marginalised communities: The case of the indigenous ethnic minority traveller community and housing in IrelandCoates, Dermot; Anand, Paul; Norris, Michelle
2012Wellbeing over 50: A capabilities approachAnand, Paul; Thomas, Ranjeeta; Gray, Alastair
2011Convergence to natural prices in simple productionWright, Ian
2011Classical macrodynamics and the labor theory of valueWright, Ian
2010Change, choice and cash in social care policies: Some lessons from comparing childcare and elder careHimmelweit, Sue; Land, Hilary
2009Gender incidence analysis of indirect taxes in the UKSantos, Cristina
2008Impact of SME policies on innovation: The Turkish caseBascavusoglu-Moreau, Elif
2008Estimating individual total costs of domestic violenceSantos, Cristina
2008Modelling Bourdieu: An extension of the Axelrod cultural diffusion modelTrigg, Andrew B.; Bertie, Andrew J.; Himmelweit, Susan F.
2008Agency and discourse: Revisiting the Adam Smith problemBrown, Vivienne
2007Struggle over th pie? The gendered distribution of power and subjective financial well-being within UK householdsDe Henau, Jerome; Himmelweit, Susan
2007Innovation and knowledge spillovers in developing countriesBascavusoglu, Elif
2007Temporary work in Tuscany: A multinominal nested logit analysisCorsini, Lorenzo; Guerrazzi, Marco
2007Wage bargaining in an optimal control framework: A dynamic version of the right-to-manage modelGuerrazzi, Marco
2007Planning and market regulation: Strengths, weaknesses and interactions in the provision of less inequitable and better quality health careMackintosh, Maureen
2007Measurement of human capabilitiesAnand, Paul; Hunter, Graham; Carter, Ian; Dowding, Keith; Guala, Francesco
2007Investigating the desperate housewives: Using gender-role attitudes to explain women's employment decision in twenty-three European countriesDe Henau, Jerome
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 26