CREDIT Research Papers, The University of Nottingham

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2019 Household size, birth order and child health in BotswanaMmopelwa, David
2019 Early childhood health during conflict: The legacy of the Lord's Resistance Army in Northern UgandaBridges, Sarah; Scott, Douglas
2019 Two Africas? Why Africa's "growth miracle" has barely reduced povertyKhan, Rumman; Morrissey, Oliver; Mosley, Paul
2019 Employment mobility and returns to technical and vocational training: Empirical evidence for TanzaniaLeyaro, Vincent; Joseph, Cornel
2019 Aid and exchange rates in sub-Saharan Africa: Nomore dutch disease?Morrissey, Oliver; Roger, Lionel; Spreng, Lars
2019 Income diversification and household welfare in Uganda 1992-2012Khan, Rumman; Morrissey, Oliver
2019 Gender differential effects of technical and vocational training: Empirical evidence for TanzaniaJoseph, Cornel; Leyaro, Vincent
2019 Prenatal care utilization and infant health in BotswanaMmopelwa, David
2019 How do international remittances respond to real exchange rate movements?Bleaney, Michael F.; Tian, Mo
2019 Does transparency come at the cost of charitable services? Evidence from investigating British charitiesDang, Canh Thien; Owens, Trudy
2019 Income shocks and poverty traps: Asset smoothing in rural EthiopiaScott, Douglas
2018 Blinded by the light? Heterogeneity in the luminosity-growth nexus and the "African growth Miracle"Roger, Lionel
2018 Revisiting the old debate: On the relationship between size and productivity in TanzaniaBoulay, Basile
2018 Decomposing the urban-rural welfare gap in Sri LankaBandara, Nirodha; Appleton, Simon; Owens, Trudy
2018 Assessing cohort aggregation to minimise bias in pseudo-panelsKhan, Rumman
2018 Two decades of declining poverty but rising inequality in LaosWarr, Peter George; Sitthiroth Rasphone; Menon, Jayant
2018 Remittances and asset accumulation in Bangladesh: A study using generalized propensity scoreChowdhury, Mehdi; Radicic, Dragana
2018 Exchange rate hysteresis in UK imports from the South Asian countriesAziz, Nusrate; Ahmad, Ahmad Hassan
2018 Tests for separability and factor market participation in AfghanistanAhmadzai, Hayatullah
2018 Economic sanctions and domestic debt: Burundi's fiscal response to the suspension of budget supportDom, Roel; Roger, Lionel
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 273