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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016The importance of income-tested benefits in good times and bad: Lessons from EU countriesLeventi, Chrysa; Rastrigina, Olga; Sutherland, Holly
2016Fiscal sustainability and demographic change: A micro approach for 27 EU countriesDolls, Mathias; Doorley, Karina; Paulus, Alari; Schneider, Hilmar; Siegloch, Sebastian; Sommer, Eric
2016Does universalization of health work? Evidence from health systems restructuring and maternal and child health in BrazilBhalotra, Sonia R.; Rocha, Rudi; Soares, Rodigo R.
2016Pareto models, top incomes, and recent trends in UK income inequalityJenkins, Stephen P.
2016Survey-based cross-country comparisons where countries vary in sample design: Issues and solutionsKaminska, Olena; Lynn, Peter
2016Intended vs. unintended consequences of migration restriction policies: Evidence from a natural experiment in IndonesiaMakovec, Mattia; Purnamasari, Ririn; Sandi, Matteo; Savitri, Astrid
2016Retirement and cognitive abilitiesTumino, Alberto
2016What has been happening to UK income inequality since the mid-1990s? Answers from reconciled and combined household survey and tax return dataBurkhauser, Richard V.; Hérault, Nicolas; Jenkins, Stephen P.; Wilkins, Roger
2016Copula-based modelling of self-reported health states: An application to the use of EQ-5D-3L and EQ-5D-5L in evaluating drug therapies for rheumatic diseaseHernandez-Alava, Monica; Pudney, Stephen
2016Concordance of health states in couples: Analysis of self-reported, nurse administered and blood-based biomarker data in understanding societyDavillas, Apostolos; Pudney, Stephen E.