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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014TREMOD: A microsimulation model for the Province of Trento (Italy)Azzolini, Davide; Bazzoli, Martina; De Poli, Silvia; Fiorio, Carlo; Poy, Samuele
2014Research note: A feasible way to implement a citizen's incomeTorry, Malcolm
2015The effect of tax-benefit changes on the income distribution in 2008-2014De Agostini, Paola; Paulus, Alari; Tasseva, Iva
2015Two feasible ways to implement a revenue neutral Citizen's Income schemeTorry, Malcolm
2011Tax-benefit systems in Europe and the US: Between equity and efficiencyBargain, Olivier; Dolls, Mathias; Neumann, Dirk; Peichl, Andreas; Siegloch, Sebastian
2015The redistributive and stabilising effects of an EMU unemployment benefit scheme under different hypothetical unemployment scenariosJara, H. Xavier; Tumino, Alberto; Sutherland, Holly
2016Fiscal sustainability and demographic change: A micro approach for 27 EU countriesDolls, Mathias; Doorley, Karina; Paulus, Alari; Schneider, Hilmar; Siegloch, Sebastian; Sommer, Eric
2014Distributional impacts of cash allowances for children: A microsimulation analysis for Russia and EuropePopova, Daria
2013Impact assessment of alternative reforms of child allowances using RUSMOD: The static tax-benefit microsimulation model for RussiaPopova, Daria
2013Baseline results from the new EU27 EUROMOD (2007-2010)Jara, Holguer Xavier; Sutherland, Holly; Avram, Silivia; De Agostini, Paola; Figari, Francesco; Levy, Horacio; Navicke, Jekaterina; Paulus, Alari; Rastrigina, Olga; Tasseva, Iva; Tumino, Alberto