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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012Baseline results from EUROMOD: 2006 - 2009 policiesAvram, Silvia; Sutherland, Holly
2010Approximations to the truth: Comparing survey and microsimulation approaches to measuring income for social indicatorsFigari, Francesco; Iacovou, Maria; Skew, Alexandra; Sutherland, Holly
2012Welfare compensation for unemployment in the great recessionFernandez-Salgado, MariƱa; Figari, Francesco; Sutherland, Holly; Tumino, Alberto
2013EUROMOD: The European Union tax-benefit microsimulation modelSutherland, Holly; Figari, Francesco
2013The distributional effects of fiscal consolidation in nine EU countriesAvram, Silvia; Figari, Francesco; Leventi, Chrysa; Levy, Horacio; Navicke, Jekaterina; Matsaganis, Manos; Militaru, Eva; Paulus, Alari; Rastringina, Olga; Sutherland, Holly
2013Towards a European Union child basic income? Within and between country effectsLevy, Horacio; Matsaganis, Manos; Sutherland, Holly
2013Baseline results from the EU27 EUROMOD (2009 - 2012)Jara, Holguer Xavier; Sutherland, Holly; Avram, Silvia; De Agostini, Paola; Figari, Francesco; Levy, Horacio; Navicke, Jekaterina; Paulus, Alari; Rastrigina, Olga; Tasseva, Iva; Tumino, Alberto
2013Nowcasting indicators of poverty risk in the European Union: A microsimulation approachNavicke, Jekaterina; Rastrigina, Olga; Sutherland, Holly
1999Integrating output in Euromod: an assessment of the sensitivity of multi country microsimulation resultsO'Donoghue, Cathal; Sutherland, Holly; Utili, Francesca
2000Child poverty and child benefits in the European UnionImmervoll, Herwig; Sutherland, Holly; de Vos, Klaas