cemmap working papers, Centre for Microdata Methods and Practice, Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 The ignorant monopolist reduxKoenker, Roger
2019 Subvector inference in PI models with many moment inequalitiesBelloni, Alexandre; Bugni, Federico A.; Chernozhukov, Victor
2019 Sparse demand systems: Corners and complementsLewbel, Arthur; Nesheim, Lars
2019 Independent nonlinear component analysisGunsilius, Florian; Schennach, Susanne M.
2019 Testing for the presence of measurement error in StataLee, Young Jun; Wilhelm, Daniel
2019 LASSO-driven inference in time and spaceChernozhukov, Victor; Härdle, Wolfgang; Huang, Chen; Wang, Weining
2019 Testing for the presence of measurement errorWilhelm, Daniel
2019 Uniform inference in high-dimensional gaussian graphical modelsKlaassen, Sven; Kück, Jannis; Spindler, Martin; Chernozhukov, Victor
2019 Single market nonparametric identification of multi-attribute hedonic equilibrium modelsChernozhukov, Victor; Galichon, Alfred; Henry, Marc; Pass, Brendan
2019 Semi-parametric efficient policy learning with continuous actionsDemirer, Mert; Syrgkanis, Vasilis; Lewis, Gregory; Chernozhukov, Victor
2019 Valid simultaneous inference in high-dimensional settings (with the HDM package for R)Bach, Philipp; Chernozhukov, Victor; Spindler, Martin
2019 Sensitivity of estimation precision to moments with an application to a model of joint retirement planning of couplesHonoré, Bo E.; Jørgensen, Thomas Høgholm; de Paula Neto, Áureo Nilo
2019 Inference on average treatment effects in aggregate panel data settingsChernozhukov, Victor; Wüthrich, Kaspar; Zhu, Yinchu
2019 Non-asymptotic inference in a class of optimization problemsHorowitz, Joel; Lee, Sokbae
2019 A note on specification testing in some structural regression modelsBeckert, Walter
2019 Mastering panel metrics: Causal impact of democracy on growthChen, Shuowen; Chernozhukov, Victor; Fernández-Val, Iván
2019 Inference for heterogeneous effects using low-rank estimationsChernozhukov, Victor; Hansen, Christian Bailey; Liao, Yuan; Zhu, Yinchu
2019 Heterogeneous choice sets and preferencesBarseghyan, Levon; Coughlin, Maura; Molinari, Francesca; Teitelbaum, Joshua C.
2019 Decentralization estimators for instrumental variable quantile regression modelsKaido, Hiroaki; Wüthrich, Kaspar
2019 Estimation under ambiguityGiacomini, Raffaella; Kitagawa, Toru; Uhlig, Harald
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 806