cemmap working papers, Centre for Microdata Methods and Practice, Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS)

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2019 Confidence intervals for projections of partially identified parametersKaido, Hiroaki; Molinari, Francesca; Stoye, Jörg
2019 Econometrics with partial identificationMolinari, Francesca
2019 A discrete choice model for partially ordered alternativesAristodemou, Eleni; Rosen, Adam M.
2019 Knowledge spillovers and patent citations: Trends in geographic localization, 1976-2015Kwon, Hyuk-Soo; Lee, Jihong; Lee, Sokbae; Oh, Ryungha
2019 Demand analysis with many pricesChernozhukov, Victor; Hausman, Jerry A.; Newey, Whitney K.
2019 Decomposing Changes in the Distribution of Real Hourly Wages in the U.S.Fernández-Val, Iván; Peracchi, Franco; Vella, Francis; van Vuuren, Aico
2019 Quasi-maximum likelihood and the kernel block bootstrap for nonlinear dynamic modelsParente, Paulo M. D. C.; Smith, Richard J.
2019 Towards a general large sample theory for regularized estimatorsJansson, Michael; Pouzo, Demian
2019 Estimating endogenous effects on ordinal outcomesChesher, Andrew; Rosen, Adam M.; Siddique, Zahra
2019 Estimation with mixed data frequencies: A bias-correction approachGhosh, Anisha; Linton, Oliver Bruce
2019 A unified framework for efficient estimation of general treatment modelsAi, Chunrong; Linton, Oliver Bruce; Motegi, Kaiji; Zhang, Zheng
2019 Generalized instrumental variable models methods and applicationsChesher, Andrew; Rosen, Adam M.
2019 Identifying network ties from panel data: Theory and an application to tax competitionde Paula Neto, Áureo Nilo; Rasul, Imran; Souza, Pedro C. L.
2019 Inference after estimation of breaksAndrews, Isaiah; Kitagawa, Toru; McCloskey, Adam
2019 An adaptive test of stochastic monotonicityCetverikov, Denis; Wilhelm, Daniel; Kim, Dongwoo
2019 On bunching and identification of the taxable income elasticityBlomquist, Nils Sören; Newey, Whitney K.; Kumar, Anil; Liang, Che-Yuan
2019 Double debiased machine learning nonparametric inference with continuous treatmentsColangelo, Kyle; Lee, Ying-Ying
2019 Censored quantile regression survival models with a cure proportionNarisetty, Naveen; Koenker, Roger
2019 Using penalized likelihood to select parameters in a random coefficients multinomial logit modelHorowitz, Joel; Nesheim, Lars
2019 Identification of a class of index models: A topological approachFosgerau, Mogens; Kristensen, Dennis
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 21 bis 40 von 806