Working Paper Series, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

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2022 The anatomy of out-of-sample forecasting accuracyBorup, Daniel; Goulet Coulombe, Philippe; Rapach, David E.; Montes Schütte, Erik Christian; Schwenk-Nebbe, Sander
2022 Racial disparities in mortgage lending: New evidence based on processing timeWei, Bin; Zhao, Feng
2022 The short and the long of it: Stock-flow matching in the US housing marketSmith, Eric; Xie, Zoe; Fang, Lei
2022 Multimodal transport networksFuchs, Simon; Wong, Woan Foong
2022 Quantifying "quantitative tightening" (QT): How many rate hikes is QT equivalent to?Wei, Bin
2022 Does access to free pre-kindergarten increase maternal labor supply?Ilin, Elias; Shampine, Samantha; Terry, Ellyn
2022 Entrepreneurship through employee mobility, innovation, and growthBaslandze, Salomé
2022 Credit card debt puzzle: Liquid assets to pay billsGreene, Claire; Stavins, Joanna
2022 Fintech entry, firm financial inclusion, and macroeconomic dynamics in emerging economiesFinkelstein Shapiro, Alan; Mandelman, Federico S.; Nuguer, Victoria
2022 Is our fiscal system discouraging marriage? A new look at the marriage taxIlin, Elias; Kotlikoff, Laurence J.; Pitts, M. Melinda
2022 Globalization and heterogeneity: Evidence from HollywoodAdler, Konrad; Fuchs, Simon
2022 The downward spiralGreenwood, Jeremy; Guner, Nezih; Kopecky, Karen A.
2022 The shift to remote work lessens wage-growth pressuresBarrero, Jose Maria; Bloom, Nicholas; Davis, Steven J.; Meyer, Brent; Mihaylov, Emil
2022 Why aging induces deflation and secular stagnationBraun, R. Anton; Ikeda, Daisuke
2022 The transmission of financial shocks and leverage of financial institutions: An endogenous regime-switching frameworkHubrich, Kirstin; Waggoner, Daniel F.
2022 The good, the bad, and the ordinary: Estimating agent value-added using real estate transactionsCunningham, Christopher R.; Gerardi, Kristopher; Shen, Lily
2021 The S-curve: Understanding the dynamics of worldwide financial liberalizationLi, Nan; Papageorgiou, Chris; Xu, Tong; Zha, Tao
2021 Mortgage prepayment, race, and monetary policyGerardi, Kristopher; Willen, Paul; Zhang, David Hao
2021 Spoils of war: Trade shocks and segmented labor markets in Spain during WWIFuchs, Simon
2021 Impact of the 2017 tax cuts and jobs act on labor supply and welfare of married householdsHotchkiss, Julie L.; Moore, Robert E.; Rios-Avila, Fernando
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 668