Working Paper Series, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Search complementarities, aggregate fluctuations, and fiscal policyFernández-Villaverde, Jesús; Mandelman, Federico S.; Yu, Yang; Zanetti, Francesco
2019 Intellectual property, tariffs, and international trade dynamicsMandelman, Federico S.; Waddle, Andrea
2019 The Two-pillar policy for the RMBJermann, Urban J.; Wei, Bin; Yue, Vivian Z.
2019 Bayesian nonparametric learning of how skill is distributed across the mutual fund industryFisher, Mark; Jensen, Mark J.; Tkac, Paula A.
2019 Intermediation in markets for goods and markets for assetsNosal, Ed; Wong, Yuet-Yee; Wright, Randall D.
2019 A theory of housing demand shocksLiu, Zheng; Wang, Pengfei; Zha, Tao
2019 Is stricter regulation of incentive compensation the missing piece?Wall, Larry D.
2019 Did the 2017 tax reform discriminate against blue state voters?Altig, David; Auerbach, Alan J.; Higgins, Patrick; Koehler, Darryl; Kotlikoff, Laurence J.; Leiseca, Michael; Terry, Ellyn; Ye, Victor Yifan
2019 How the ATM affects the way we payShy, Oz
2019 Surveying business uncertaintyAltig, David; Barrero, Jose Maria; Bloom, Nicholas; Davis, Steven J.; Meyer, Brent; Parker, Nicholas
2019 The evolution of health over the life cycleHosseini, Roozbeh; Kopecky, Karen A.; Zhao, Kai
2019 Delayed collection of unemployment insurance in recessionsXie, Zoe
2019 Cashless stores and cash usersShy, Oz
2019 Migration constraints and disparate responses to changing job opportunitiesBurns, Kalee E.; Hotchkiss, Julie L.
2018 Some like it hot: Assessing longer-term labor market benefits from a high-pressure economyHotchkiss, Julie L.; Moore, Robert E.
2018 Bayesian inference and prediction of a multiple-change-point panel model with nonparametric priorsFisher, Mark; Jensen, Mark J.
2018 Decentralization and overborrowing in a fiscal federationGuo, Si; Pei, Yun; Xie, Zoe
2018 Individual social capital and migrationHotchkiss, Julie L.; Rupasingha, Anil
2018 Fiscal implications of the Federal Reserve's balance sheet normalizationCavallo, Michele; Del Negro, Marco; Frame, W. Scott; Grasing, Jamie; Malin, Benjamin A.; Rosa, Carlo
2018 Unconventional monetary policy and risk-taking: Evidence from agency mortgage REITsFrame, W. Scott; Steiner, Eva
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 594