Working Paper Series, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 The evolution of technological substitution in low-wage labor marketsAaronson, Daniel; Phelan, Brian J.
2020 Unexpected supply effects of quantitative easing and tighteningD'Amico, Stefania; Seida, Tim
2020 Monetary and fiscal policies in times of large debt: Unity is strengthBianchi, Francesco; Faccini, Renato; Melosi, Leonardo
2020 Who has the time? Community college students' time-use response to financial incentivesBarrow, Lisa; Rouse, Cecilia Elena; McFarland, Amanda
2020 The signaling, screening, and human capital effects of National Board certification: Evidence from Chicago and Kentucky high schoolsBarrow, Lisa; Cavalluzzo, Linda C.; Geraghty, Thomas; Mokher, Christine; Sartain, Lauren
2020 Using the eye of the storm to predict the wave of Covid-19 UI claimsAaronson, Daniel; Brave, Scott A.; Butters, R. Andrew; Sacks, Daniel; Seo, Boyoung
2020 Heterogeneity in the marginal propensity to consume: Evidence from Covid-19 stimulus paymentsKarger, Ezra; Rajan, Aastha
2020 Do stay-at-home orders cause people to stay at home? Effects of stay-at-home orders on consumer behaviorAlexander, Diane; Karger, Ezra
2020 Impacts of the Fed Corporate Credit Facilities through the Lenses of ETFs and CDXD'Amico, Stefania; Kurakula, Vamsidhar; Lee, Stephen M.
2020 Adaptation and the cost of rising temperature for the U.S. economyGourio, François; Fries, Charles
2020 What happened to the US economy during the 1918 influenza pandemic? A view through high-frequency dataVelde, François R.
2020 Credit score doctorsHu, Luojia; Huang, Xing; Simonov, Andrei
2020 Business cycle fluctuations in mirrlees economies: The case of i.i.d. shocksVeracierto, Marcelo
2020 Bad jobs and low inflationFaccini, Renato; Melosi, Leonardo
2020 Monetary policy implementation with an ample supply of reservesAfonso, Gara; Kim, Kyungmin; Martin, Antoine; Nosal, Ed; Potter, Simon M.; Schulhofer-Wohl, Sam
2020 Risk premia at the ZLB: A macroeconomic interpretationGourio, François; Ngo, Phuong
2020 Computing equilibria of stochastic heterogeneous agent models using decision rule historiesVeracierto, Marcelo
2019 Affordability, financial innovation, and the start of the housing boomDokko, Jane K.; Keys, Benjamin J.; Relihan, Lindsay E.
2019 The limits of forward guidanceCampbell, Jeffrey R.; Ferroni, Filippo; Fisher, Jonas D. M.; Melosi, Leonardo
2019 The long-run effects of neighborhood change on incumbent familiesBaum-Snow, Nathaniel; Hartley, Daniel; Lee, Kwan Ok
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 282