Working Paper Series, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

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2024Data, privacy laws and firm production: Evidence from the GDPRDemirer, Mert; Jiménez Hernández, Diego; Li, Dean; Peng, Sida
2024Racial wealth gains and gaps: Nine facts about the disparitiesBroady, Kristen; Barr, Anthony; Booth Bell, Darlene; Cain, Lucas
2024Occupational switching during the Second Industrial RevolutionHobijn, Bart; Kaplan, Robert S.
2024Robots, tools, and jobs: Evidence from brazilian labor marketsde Souza, Gustavo; Li, Haishi
2024Persuasion and dissuasion in political campaigns: Political communication and media coverage in senate racesGarcía Jimeno, Camilo; Yildirim, Pinar
2024Civil liberties and social structureErol, Selman; García Jimeno, Camilo
2023Job-to-job mobility and inflationFaccini, Renato; Melosi, Leonardo
2023Societal disruptions and child mental health: Evidence from ADHD diagnosis during the Covid-19 pandemicFreedman, Seth; Marquardt, Kelli; Salcedo, Dario; Simon, Kosali Ilayperuma; Wing, Coady
2023Debt dynamics with fixed issuance costsBenzoni, Luca; Garlappi, Lorenzo; Goldstein, Robert S.; Ying, Chao
2023Blockbusting and the challenges faced by black families in building wealth through housing in the postwar United StatesHartley, Daniel; Rose, Jonathan
2023How climate change shapes bank lending: Evidence from portfolio reallocationMeisenzahl, Ralf R.
2023Preferences over the racial composition of neighborhoods: Estimates and implicationsDavis, Morris A.; Gregory, Jesse; Hartley, Daniel A.
2023Forecasted treatment effectsBotosaru, Irene; Giacomini, Raffaella; Weidner, Martin
2023Nonbank lenders as global shock absorbers: Evidence from US Monetary Policy spilloversElliott, David; Meisenzahl, Ralf R.; Peydró, José-Luis
2023What do lead banks learn from leveraged loan investors?Bruche, Max; Meisenzahl, Ralf R.; Xu, David Xiaoyu
2023The "privatization" of municipal debtIvanov, Ivan T.; Zimmermann, Tom
2023What does the CDS market imply for a U.S. default?Benzoni, Luca; Cabanilla, Christian; Cocco, Alessandro; Kavoussi, Cullen
2023Immigration and the labor market in the post-pandemic recoveryButcher, Kristin F.; Cain, Lucas; García Jimeno, Camilo; Perry, Ryan
2023One asset does not fit all: Inflation hedging by index and horizonD'Amico, Stefania; King, Thomas B.
2023Aggregate dynamics in mirrlees economies: The case of persistent shocksVeracierto, Marcelo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 420