Working Paper Series, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

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2022 Heterogeneous impacts of sentencing decisionsJordan, Andrew; Karger, Ezra; Neal, Derek A.
2022 Cyclical transactions and wealth inequalitySakong, Jung
2022 A fair day's pay for a fair day's work: Optimal tax design as redistributional arbitrageHellwig, Christian; Werquin, Nicolas
2022 New evidence on redlining by federal housing programs in the 1930sFishback, Price Van Meter; Rose, Jonathan; Snowden, Kenneth A.; Storrs, Thomas
2022 A model of economic activity in San Francisco during the 1918 influenza epidemicVelde, François R.
2022 Financial stability considerations for monetary policy: Theoretical mechanismsAjello, Andrea; Boyarchenko, Nina; Gourio, François; Tambalotti, Andrea
2022 Private overborrowing under sovereign riskArce, Fernando
2022 A macroprudential theory of foreign reserve accumulationArce, Fernando; Bengui, Julien; Bianchi, Javier
2022 Crisis liquidity facilities with nonbank counterparties: Lessons from the term Asset-Backed Securities Loan FacilityMeisenzahl, Ralf R.; Pence, Karen M.
2022 Global innovation spillovers and productivity: Evidence from 100 years of World Patent DataBerkes, Enrico; Manysheva, Kristina; Mestieri, Martí
2022 Capital and labor taxes with costly state contingencyClymo, Alex; Lanteri, Andrea; Villa, Alessandro T.
2022 Generalized compensation principleSchulz, Karl; Tsyvinski, Aleh; Werquin, Nicolas
2022 A machine learning projection method for macro-finance modelsValaitis, Vytautas; Villa, Alessandro T.
2022 The long-run effects of the 1930s redlining maps on childrenAaronson, Daniel; Mazumder, Bhashkar; Hartley, Daniel; Stinson, Martha
2022 Money under the mattress: Inflation and lending of last resortBarlevy, Gadi; Bird, Daniel; Fershtman, Daniel; Weiss, David
2022 Redistribution with performance payDoligalski, Pawel; Ndiaye, Abdoulaye; Werquin, Nicolas
2022 Optimal procurement with quality concernsLopomo, Giuseppe; Persico, Nicola; Villa, Alessandro T.
2022 Employee costs of corporate bankruptcyGraham, John R.; Kim, Hyunseob; Li, Si; Qiu, Jiaping
2022 Has the willingness to work fallen during the Covid pandemic?Faberman, R. Jason; Müller, Andreas; Şahin, Ayşegül
2022 Moral hazard, optimal unemployment insurance, and aggregate dynamicsVeracierto, Marcelo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 363