Working Paper Series, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 The long-run effects of neighborhood change on incumbent familiesBaum-Snow, Nathaniel; Hartley, Daniel; Lee, Kwan Ok
2019 Affordability, financial innovation, and the start of the housing boomDokko, Jane K.; Keys, Benjamin J.; Relihan, Lindsay E.
2019 The limits of forward guidanceCampbell, Jeffrey R.; Ferroni, Filippo; Fisher, Jonas D. M.; Melosi, Leonardo
2019 The impact of car pollution on infant and child health: Evidence from emissions cheatingAlexander, Diane; Schwandt, Hannes
2018 Why have interest rates fallen far below the return on capitalMarx, Magali; Mojon, Benoît; Velde, François R.
2018 A sequential bargaining model of the fed funds market with excess reservesSchulhofer-Wohl, Sam; Clouse, James A.
2018 Lottery loans in the eighteenth centuryVelde, François R.
2018 Internal immigrant mobility in the early 20th century: Experimental evidence from Galveston immigrantsAaronson, Daniel; Davis, Jonathan; Schulze, Karl
2018 Fiscal stimulus with learning-by-doingD'Alessandro, Antonello; Fella, Giulio; Melosi, Leonardo
2018 Selection without exclusionHonoré, Bo E.; Hu, Luojia
2018 Open mouth operationsCampbell, Jeffrey R.; Weber, Jacob P.
2018 The role of news about TFP in U.S. recessions and boomsFaccini, Renato; Melosi, Leonardo
2018 Very simple markov-perfect industry dynamics: EmpiricsAbbring, Jaap H.; Campbell, Jeffrey R.; Tilly, Jan; Yang, Nan
2018 Contract choice in the interwar US residential mortgage marketRose, Jonathan
2018 Delphic and Odyssean monetary policy shocks: Evidence from the euro areaAndrade, Philippe; Ferroni, Filippo
2018 Do household finances constrain unconventional fiscal policy?Baker, Scott; Küng, Lorenz; McGranahan, Leslie; Melzer, Brian T.
2018 Discretion rather than rules: Equilibrium uniqueness and forward guidance with inconsistent optimal plansCampbell, Jeffrey R.; Weber, Jacob P.
2018 Why does the yield-curve slope predict recessions?Benzoni, Luca; Chyruk, Olena; Kelley, David
2018 Easy bootstrap-like estimation of asymptotic variancesHonoré, Bo E.; Hu, Luojia
2018 Flexible retirement and optimal taxationN'Diaye, Abdoulaye E.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 257