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2022 Heterogeneous impacts of sentencing decisionsJordan, Andrew; Karger, Ezra; Neal, Derek A.
2022 Cyclical transactions and wealth inequalitySakong, Jung
2022 A fair day's pay for a fair day's work: Optimal tax design as redistributional arbitrageHellwig, Christian; Werquin, Nicolas
2022 New evidence on redlining by federal housing programs in the 1930sFishback, Price Van Meter; Rose, Jonathan; Snowden, Kenneth A.; Storrs, Thomas
2022 A model of economic activity in San Francisco during the 1918 influenza epidemicVelde, François R.
2022 Financial stability considerations for monetary policy: Theoretical mechanismsAjello, Andrea; Boyarchenko, Nina; Gourio, François; Tambalotti, Andrea
2021 Measuring intergenerational income mobility: A synthesis of approachesDeutscher, Nathan; Mazumder, Bhashkar
2021 A macroeconomic model of healthcare saturation, inequality and the output-pandemia tradeoffMendoza, Enrique G.; Rojas, Eugenio; Tesar, Linda L.; Zhang, Jing
2021 Risk-taking, capital allocation and optimal monetary policyDavid, Joel M.; Zeke, David
2021 A quantitative analysis of tariffs across U.S. statesSantacreu, Ana Maria; Sposi, Michael; Zhang, Jing
2021 Identifying taste-based discrimination: Effect of black electoral victories on racial prejudice and economic gapsSakong, Jung
2021 The returns to public library investmentGilpin, Gregory; Karger, Ezra; Nencka, Peter
2021 The effects of the Great Migration on urban renewalShi, Ying; Hartley, Daniel; Mazumder, Bhaskar; Rajan, Aastha
2021 Tracking U.S. consumers in real time with a new Weekly Index of Retail TradeBrave, Scott A.; Fogarty, Michael; Aaronson, Daniel; Karger, Ezra; Krane, Spencer David
2021 The intergenerational transmission of mental and physical health in the United KingdomBencsik, Panka; Halliday, Timothy; Mazumder, Bhaskar
2021 Perceived competition in agricultural lending: Stylized facts and an agenda for future researchKuethe, Todd H.; Fiechter, Chad; Oppedahl, David
2021 A hitchhiker's guide to empirical macro modelsFerroni, Filippo; Canova, Fabio
2021 Effect of ownership composition on property prices and rents: Evidence from Chinese investment boom in US housing marketsSakong, Jung
2021 Robust Bayesian analysis for econometricsGiacomini, Raffaella; Kitagawa, Toru; Read, Matthew
2021 The impact of Covid-19 related policy responses on municipal debt marketsBernhardt, Robert; D'Amico, Stefania; Sordo Palacios, Santiago I.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 322