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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018How can we increase girls' uptake of maths and physics A-level?Cassidy, Rachel; Cattan, Sarah; Crawford, Claire; Dytham, Siobham
2017Long-run comparisons of spending per pupil across different stages of educationBelfield, Chris; Crawford, Claire; Sibieta, Luke
2013When you are born matters: Evidence for EnglandCrawford, Claire; Dearden, Lorraine; Greaves, Ellen
2015Estimating the cost to government of providing undergraduate and postgraduate educationBritton, Jack; Crawford, Claire
2015An evaluation of the impact of the Social Mobility Foundation Programmes on Education OutcomesCrawford, Claire; Greaves, Ellen; Jin, Wenchao
2013A comparison of commonly used socioeconomic indicators: Their relationship to educational disadvantage and relevance to teach firstCrawford, Claire; Greaves, Ellen
2013Firm's productivity, investment and training: What happened during the recession and how was it affected by the national minimum wage? A report to the low pay commissionCrawford, Claire; Jin, Wenchao; Simpson, Helen
2008Widening participation in higher education: Analysis using linked administrative dataChowdry, Haroon; Crawford, Claire; Dearden, Lorraine; Goodman, Alissa; Vignoles, Anna
2013Cohabitation, marriage, relationship stability and child outcomes: Final reportCrawford, Claire; Goodman, Alissa; Greaves, Ellen
2013The outlook for higher education spending by the department for business, innovation and skillsCrawford, Claire; Crawford, Rowena; Jin, Wenchao
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