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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004Baseline report on the evaluation of 'Familias en Accion'Attanasio, Orazio; Benavides, Claudia; Borda, Catalina; Castro, Carlos; Carvajal, Maria Elvira; Gómez, Luis Carlos; Gómez, Ana; Gómez, Luis Fernando; Grillo, Santiago; Gutiérrez, Martha Isabel; Heredia, Rodolfo; Romero, Jhon Jairo; Alvarez, Jorge Luis; Meghir, Costas; Mojica, Maria Teresa; Muñoz, Manuel; Muñoz, Mariana; Murgueitio, Carolina; Patarroyo, Marcela; Ramírez, Manuel; Reyes, Alvaro; Rivas, Guillermo; Roa, Sonia; Salamanca, Hernan; Sandoval, Diego; Syed, Murtaza; Van Strahlen, Patricia; Vera-Hernandez, Marcos
2004Permanent differences? Income and expenditure inequality in the 1990s and 2000sGoodman, Alissa; Oldfield, Zoë
2004Consumption trends in the UK, 1975 - 99Blow, Laura; Leicester, Andrew; Oldfield, Zoë
2000Corporate tax harmonisation in Europe: A guide to the debateBond, Stephen; Chennells, Lucy; Devereux, Michael P.; Gammie, Malcolm; Troup, Edward
2006The UK tax system and the environmentLeicester, Andrew
2008Widening participation in higher education: Analysis using linked administrative dataChowdry, Haroon; Crawford, Claire; Dearden, Lorraine; Goodman, Alissa; Vignoles, Anna
2009Understanding the compliance costs of benefits and tax creditsBennett, Fran; Brewer, Mike; Shaw, Jonathan
2008Measuring the impact of microfinance on poor rural women in Mongolia: A randomised field experiment on group-lending versus individual lending ; baseline reportAugsburg, Britta
2005Prepared for retirement? The adequacy and distribution of retirement resources in EnglandBanks, James; Emmerson, Carl; Oldfield, Zoë; Tetlow, Gemma