Working Papers, Santa Cruz Institute for International Economics (SCIIE), University of California Santa Cruz

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2010 On the ease of overstating the fiscal stimulus in the US, 2008-9Aizenman, Joshua; Pasricha, Gurnain Kaur
2010 Do surges in international capital flows influence the likelihood of banking crises? Cross-country evidence on capital flows bonanzas and bonanza-boom-bust cyclesCaballero, Julian
2010 International reserves and swap lines: Substitutes or complements?Aizenman, Joshua; Jinjarak, Yothin; Park, Donghyun
2010 Global imbalances: Is Germany the new China? A skeptical viewAizenman, Joshua; Sengupta, Rajeswari
2010 Structural change and growth in IndiaCortuk, Orcan; Singh, Nirvikar
2010 The political economy of a managed float: Special interests, monetary authorities, and regime choiceLim, Jamus Jerome
2010 Determinants of financial stress and recovery during the great recessionAizenman, Joshua; Pasricha, Gurnain Kaur
2010 India's trilemma: Financial liberalization, exchange rates and monetary policyHutchison, Michael M.; Sengupta, Rajeswari; Singh, Nirvikar
2010 Asset class diversification and delegation of responsibilities between central banks and sovereign wealth fundsAizenman, Joshua; Glick, Reuven
2010 Exchange market pressure and absorption by international reserves: Emerging markets and fear of reserve loss during the 2008-09 crisesAizenman, Joshua; Hutchison, Michael
2010 Implementing monetary policyWalsh, Carl E.
2010 From the great moderation to the global crisis: Exchange market pressure in the 2000sAizenman, Joshua; Lee, Jaewoo; Sushko, Vladyslav
2010 Adjustment of Indian manufacturing firms to pro-market economic liberalizing reforms, 1988 - 2006: A Time-Varying Panel Smooth Transition Regression (TV-PSTR) approachGeng, Nan
2010 Macro prudential supervision in the open economy, and the role of central banks in emerging marketsAizenman, Joshua
2009 When to go local, when to go edible: Trade, technology and food securityKoch, William L.; Sadler, Thomas R.
2009 Assessing the emerging global financial architecture: Measuring the trilemma's configurations over timeAizenman, Joshua; D. Chinn, Menzie; Ito, Hiro
2009 Transmission of the US subprime crisis to emerging markets: Evidence on the decoupling-recoupling hypothesisDooley, Michael; Hutchison, Michael
2009 Using inflation to erode the US public debtAizenman, Joshua; Marion, Nancy
2009 Controlling capital? Legal restrictions and the asset composition of international financial flowsBinici, Mahir; Hutchison, Michael; Schindler, Martin
2009 The emerging global financial architecture: Tracing and evaluating the new patterns of the Trilemma's configurationsAizenman, Joshua; Chinn, Menzie D.; Ito, Hiro
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 101