Working Papers, Santa Cruz Institute for International Economics (SCIIE), University of California Santa Cruz

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2012Trade productivity upgrading, trade fragmentation, and FDI in manufacturing: The Asian development experienceMora, Jesse; Singh, Nirvikar
2012Trade dynamics in the East Asian miracle: A time series analysis of US-East Asia commodity trade, 1962-1992Carolan, Terrie; Mora, Jesse; Singh, Nirvikar
2011Managing financial integration and capital mobility: Policy lessons from the past two decadesAizenman, Joshua; Pinto, Brian
2011Capital flows: Catalyst or hindrance to economic takeoffs?Aizenman, Joshua; Sushko, Vladyslav
2011Effectiveness of capital controls in India: Evidence from the offshore NDF marketHutchison, Michael; Pasricha, Gurnain Kaur; Singh, Nirvikar
20112008 global crisis: Is foreign currency denominated debt an important indicator?Akca, Ozden
2011Capital flow types, external financing needs, and industrial growth: 99 countries, 1991-2007Aizenman, Joshua; Sushko, Vladyslav
2011The persistence and determinants of current account balances: The implications for global rebalancingClower, Erica; Ito, Hiro
2011The fiscal stimulus of 2009-10: Trade openness, fiscal space and exchange rate adjustmentAizenman, Joshua; Jinjarak, Yothin
2011What is the risk of European sovereign debt defaults? Fiscal space, CDS spreads and market pricing of ristkAizenman, Joshua; Hutchison, Michael; Jinjarak, Yothin
2010International reserves and swap lines: Substitutes or complements?Aizenman, Joshua; Jinjarak, Yothin; Park, Donghyun
2010Structural change and growth in IndiaCortuk, Orcan; Singh, Nirvikar
2010Does reserve accumulation lead to higher currency-risk taking in the corporate sector? Firm-level evidence for Latin AmericaSengupta, Rajeswari
2010Adjustment of Indian manufacturing firms to pro-market economic liberalizing reforms, 1988 - 2006: A Time-Varying Panel Smooth Transition Regression (TV-PSTR) approachGeng, Nan
2010Transparency, the opacity bias, and optimal flexible inflation targetingWalsh, Carl E.
2010Macro prudential supervision in the open economy, and the role of central banks in emerging marketsAizenman, Joshua
2010Impact of macroeconomic surprises on carry trade activityHutchison, Michael; Sushko, Vladyslav
2010Foreign exchange intervention when interest rates are zero: Does the portfolio balance channel matter after all?Fatum, Rasmus
2010The political economy of a managed float: Special interests, monetary authorities, and regime choiceLim, Jamus Jerome
2010Exchange market pressure and absorption by international reserves: Emerging markets and fear of reserve loss during the 2008-09 crisesAizenman, Joshua; Hutchison, Michael
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 101