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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017Does sponsoring charity sport events improve customer behavioral intention?Lee, Cheng-Jong; Sced, Philip M. M.; Chen, Mei-Hsiu
2017Consumption Intentions toward green restaurants: Application of theory of planned behavior and altruismShen, Ying-Pei
2017A socio-economic and environmental analysis of the effects of oil exploration on the local community in Lokichar, Turkana County, KenyaNanok, Josephat Koli; Onyango, Christopher Ouma
2017Appling the analytic hierarchy process as the risk evaluation model to improve hospital biomedical waste disposal outsourcing qualityHo, Chao-Chung; Chen, Ming-Shu
2017Unveiling disease-protein associations by navigating a structural alphabet-encoded protein networkTung, Chi-Hua; Chang, Jih-Hsu; Nacher, Jose C.
2017Developing an aging facial skin quality scoring system for Taiwanese females: A comparative studyLin, Tzu-Miao; Lee, Hsi-Chieh; Hsu, Kuang-Hung
2017Assessing the risk of turnover intention among hospital workersTsai, Yafang; Wu, Shih-Wang; Chen, Szu-Chieh
2017Data mining techniques for forecasting the medical resource consumption of patients with diabetic nephropathyLee, Tian-Shyug; Dai, Wensheng; Huang, Bo-Lin; Lu, Chi-Jie
2017A hybrid time series model based on AR-EMD and volatility for medical data forecasting: A case study in the emergency departmentWei, Liang-Ying; Huang, Deng-Yang; Ho, Shun-Chuan; Lin, Jyh-Shyan; Chueh, Hao-En; Liu, Chin-Sung; Ho, Tien-Hwa Ho
2017Postural stability analysis of center of pressure data from normal and flat feet during upright standing using signal energyChao, Tsui-Chiao