23rd European Regional ITS Conference, Vienna 2012

This collection contains papers of the

2012 European Regional ITS Conference
Vienna 1-4 July, 2012

The 23rd European Regional ITS Conference addresses a wide range of subjects related to fixed and mobile telecommunication markets, Internet economics, market regulation and country specific telecommunication developments.

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2012 Collaborative product development: The case of network operatorsHäberle, Robin; Grove, Nico
2012 Does time spent playing video games crowd out time spent studying?Ward, Michael R.
2012 Ex-ante margin squeeze tests in the telecommunications industry: What is a reasonable efficient operator? (Revised: December 20, 2012)Gaudiny, Germain; Saavedra Valenzuela, Claudia
2012 Changing the rules: Applying a more economic approach to dynamic telecom marketsKrancke, Jan; Vidal, Miguel; Fier, Andreas
2012 Satisfaction and protection of individual mobile telecommunications consumers: Need for regulation?Gijón Tascón, Covadonga; Garín Muñoz, Teresa; Pérez Amaral, Teodosio
2012 GA-based dynamic base station operation to improve energy efficiencyPark, Soyoung; Park, Seokji
2012 The impact of telecommunication technologies on competition in services and goods markets: Empirical evidenceJerbashian, Vahagn; Kochanovay, Anna
2012 Continuing erosion of consumer protection remedies for telecommunications services in the U.S.Cherry, Barbara A.
2012 Is the Google platform a two-sided market?Luchetta, Giacomo
2012 Which economic model for mobile payments?Chaix, Laetitia; Torre, Dominique
2012 Irrationality rings!: Experimental evidence on mobile tariff choicesBarth, Anne-Kathrin; Graf, Julia
2012 Design of telecommunications regulatory authorities in fragile states: The case of PalestineDhaher, Omar
2012 A developmental framework for ICT and labour productivity in the developing country: A case study of ThailandKeesookpuna, Chutipong; Mitomob, Hitoshi
2012 Spectrum pricing assesment in the 2.6 GHZ frequency band for long term leaseFrias, Zoraida; Moral, Antolín; Vidal, Josep; Pérez, Jorge
2012 A case study of network neutrality in KoreaShin, Dong-Hee
2012 Co-investments and tacit collusion in regulated network industries: Experimental evidenceKrämer, Jan; Vogelsang, Ingo
2012 Future scenarios of commercial internet content deliveryZhang, Nan; Hämmäinen, Heikki; Levä, Tapio
2012 Resilience analysis of the ICT ecosystemKoslowski, Thomas G.; Longstaff, Patricia H.; Vidal, Miguel; Grob, Thomas
2012 Causal interrelations among market fundamentals: Evidence from the Europen telecommunications sectorAgiakloglou, Christos; Gkouvakis, Michalis
2012 Regulatory networks: the role of BEREC in regulation of the common market for electronic communicationsBatura, Olga
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 63
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