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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020Choice without consciousness: Women's participation in household decisions and gender equality in children's educationSaleemi, Sundus; Kofol, Chiara
2020Youth aspirations, perceptions of farming, and migration decisions in rural Sub-Saharan Africa: Further empirical evidence from EthiopiaMussa, Essa Chanie
2020EU common agricultural policy: Impacts on trade with Africa and African agricultural developmentKornher, Lukas; von Braun, Joachim
2020Indian farm wages: Trends, growth drivers and linkages with food pricesSaini, Shweta; Gulati, Ashok; von Braun, Joachim; Kornher, Lukas
2020Farm mechanization in Indian agriculture with focus on tractorsGulati, Ashok; Juneja, Ritika
2020Targeting small-scale irrigation investments using agent-based modeling: Case studies in Mali and NigerOlayide, Olawale Emmanuel; Sangaré Alkassoum, Saadatou; Koo, Jawoo; Xie, Hua
2020CAP measures towards environmental sustainability trade opportunities for Africa?Latka, Catharina; Heckelei, Thomas; Kuhn, Arnim; Witzke, Heinz Peter; Kornher, Lukas
2020Quantification and benefits of reducing post-harvest losses: Evidence for vegetables in SenegalBeye, Assane; Komarek, Adam M.
2020Making cash crop value chains nutrition-sensitive: Evidence from a quasi-experiment in rural Sierra LeoneBonuedi, Isaac; Kornher, Lukas; Gerber, Nicolas
2020"Us" and "Them": Prosocial attitudes between refugees and host communities exposed to armed conflict: Experimental evidence from Northern UgandaAdong, Annet; Kirui, Oliver K.; Achola, Jolly