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Valero, Diego
Artís, Manuel
Ayuso, Mercedes
García, Jaime
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[Journal:] Revista de Métodos Cuantitativos para la Economía y la Empresa [ISSN:] 1886-516X [Volume:] 11 [Year:] 2011 [Pages:] 91-113
Abstract (Translated): 
The western pension systems and especially the Spanish one will noticeably be a®ected by an aging of the population that is currently underway. This work proposes a pension model for Spain which would mean deep structural reforms that would guarantee meeting the objectives established by a Social Security system. Our proposal considers a reform that leads to the establishment of a general basic pension fund financed through taxes; a contributory pension fund reached by applying a notional de¯ned contribution model (NDC); and thirdly, an occupational system based on an auto-enrollment system, which we have called the National Saving System (NSS). Projections have been done up to the year 2039 with conclusive results with regard to retirement pensions (indicating the suitability of the model) as well as the GDP relative cost (indicating viability). We analyze how the Spanish Social Security system is an unbalanced one. Our workreveals its lack of sustainability in ¯nancial terms, both in the medium and long term. We demonstrate how the new model we are proposing is financially sustainable, and along with a transition period in which the current resources from the Reserve Fund would be used, it would be suitable for the needs of the population.
social security
NDC system
complementary pension plans
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