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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017Financialisation and distribution in the US, the UK, Spain, Germany, Sweden and France: Before and after the crisisHein, Eckhard; Dünhaupt, Petra; Alfageme, Ayoze; Kulesza, Marta
2018Inequality and growth: Marxian and post-Keynesian/Kaleckian perspectives on distribution and growth regimes before and after the Great RecessionHein, Eckhard
2018Financialisation, distribution & the macroeconomic regimes before & after the crisis: A post-Keynesian view on Denmark, Estonia & LatviaDünhaupt, Petra; Hein, Eckhard
2017Financialisation and tendencies towards stagnation: The role of macroeconomic regime changes in the course of and after the financial and economic crisis 2007-9Hein, Eckhard
2016Autonomous government expenditure growth, deficits, debt and distribution in a neo-Kaleckian growth modelHein, Eckhard
2016Post-Keynesian macroeconomics since the mid-1990s: Main developmentsHein, Eckhard
2013Future fiscal and debt policies: Germany in the Context of the European Monetary UnionHein, Eckhard; Truger, Achim
2014Financial, economic and social systems: French Regulation School, Social Structures of Accumulation and Post-Keynesian approaches comparedHein, Eckhard; Dodig, Nina; Budyldina, Natalia
2016The Bhaduri/Marglin post-Kaleckian model in the history of distribution and growth theories: An assessment by means of model closuresHein, Eckhard
2011Distribution, 'financialisation' and the financial and economic crisis: Implications for post-crisis economic policiesHein, Eckhard